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   Chapter 259 Meeting A Funny Guy

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"That skill is amazing!" Finley jumped up and down like a monkey, waving his hands to imitate the skill he saw Darren use. He bombarded Darren with tons of questions, talking a mile a minute. "Did you release your skill this way? Am I right? No? How about this way? Did you unleash your skill this way? No, no, no. It must have been something like this, maybe? Oh, it's a really powerful skill! It's fucking amazing!"


Darren couldn't help the snicker that escaped his lips, losing his composure. The defender of the twelfth space was such an amusing and whimsical guy that it would be a sin if he did not start to feel high-spirited.

A few moments passed and the overall mood of their surroundings shifted. "Well, what the hell do you want to do now?" Darren asked in resignation. He wasn't quite sure what to do when faced with such a defender like Finley.

"I don't want to do anything," Finley responded, reverting back to his normal state. He pulled his brows together and cocked his head to the side. He was a little confused by Darren's question.

Realization dawned on him and he cleared his throat. "I have a good reputation but it's too hard for me to keep calm when I witness powerful skills. Sorry if I lost my manners back there." A little embarrassed, Finley tried to explain his behavior.

He then suddenly changed the subject by reverting back to the previous topic. "Well... Did you two lie together? The girl?"

"Oh, my god. Will you please not ask me about that? How about we just start the fight now? If I lose, I'll concede defeat and leave, but if I win, you'll let me enter the next space. How about that?" Darren suggested, averting the question. He didn't want to explain anything more.

"Oh, Darren. Don't be in such a hurry. Later on, I'll tell you all my weak points. However, if you are too foolish and still couldn't defeat me, I won't be able to help you anymore."

"Tell me your weak points? Why would you do that?" Darren was starting to think that Finley was a complete idiot.

"Because of you, idiot. If I don't tell you my weak points, how else could you defeat me?"

Darren snorted at that.

If he had been drinking, he would have spat out the water in response to Finley's statement.

"I'm sorry, but I don't have the time nor the patience to talk nonsense with you any longer." With those words, Darren immediately unleashed a sweeping attack with his sword, unwilling to waste time.

"Oh, my goodness. You should give me some time to prepare before you attack, you meathead!"

Darren was left speechless and wasn't sure how he should act—to laugh or to be annoyed. Finley had his hands covering his head; Darren's attack had swept past the defender, barely missing him directly.

"Sir, what do you want to do? Please just tell me," Darren pleaded.

"Hey, don't call me like that. I was younger than you when I came here. Guess how old I am. It's really important," Finley said, then jumped back to Darren.

"I'm not interested in t

rrowed in confusion. Aside from that, Finley calling him dear Darren somewhat triggered such a strong emotion from him that the hairs on his skin stood up.

"Never mind that." Finley put on a serious face, waving him off. He continued, "So, my weak point is..."

He paused and thought for a long time. After a while his eyes widened. "Holy shit. I'm absolutely perfect and have no weak points!"

Darren snorted.

'This guy is a real piece of work, ' he thought.

"Oh, crap, crap. If you can't defeat me, you won't get the reward. Which means you won't be able to master my superior skill. Which also means you can't face off against the defender in the thirteenth space!" Finley grew frantic.

"You really hate the defender in the thirteenth space, don't you?" Darren was getting annoyed but also amused at the same time. He was curious about this thirteenth space defender.

"Of course! I was defeated by him in a second. If I didn't concede defeat and beg for mercy, I would have died early. Won't you hate the person who almost killed you?" Finley jumped up and down as he spoke.

"You were stronger than I currently am when you were defeated. I'm afraid that I might also be defeated once I enter the thirteenth space. I won't be able to avenge you," Darren said, glancing down.

"No. I think that your skills still have some room to be improved. If you can defeat me and master my extraordinary skill, you just might have a chance to defeat him," Finley said in a huff. He was still full of contempt for the defender of the thirteenth space. He did not want to miss out on the opportunity to get back at him.

"How about you tell me what the defender of the thirteenth space looks like and how powerful is he?"

"Oh, I could tell you that first." Finley nodded as he continued, "That brat has a really small body, but his arrogance goes through the roof."


"Yes. He is only eight years old."


Words left Darren; he couldn't believe what he had just heard.

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