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   Chapter 257 Mingling (Part Two)

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At present, there was no way out; this was the only means Darren could have a try. He was willing to take that risk no matter what.


Tremendous Spirit Power attacked at Denise's mind.

Denise's body shuddered and her shadow flickered for a brief moment. However, after only a few seconds' time, her figure had already returned to its normal shape. It seemed that his attack had barely made a difference. It seemed like he was merely annoying her with his attacks throughout the fight.

"You have such a powerful spiritual attack! It's a pity that I am only a wisp of spiritual intent. I can't feel the sharp pain from that. However, your spiritual attack is still not powerful enough to kill the soul of my original body when I came into here, so you are most certainly doomed to fail," Denise said.

If Darren's spiritual attack was powerful enough to erase Denise's soul of her original body when she came in the Ancient Void Battlefield, Denise's wisp of spiritual intent would dissipate under Darren's attack directly. But Darren's spiritual attack was far from being powerful enough to do that.

At that moment, Darren got to know the taste of real despair. It was a lost game even though he had done all of what he could do. No matter how much he tried to imagine getting through that fight, it all seemed to be a huge void, much like that battlefield.


Darren's body was again knocked into the air. He was too weak and exhausted to continue the fight. His breathing was already ragged and his body was worn out. He had taken so much more than he could handle.

"I really don't know why you are persisting. How could you beat him if you can't beat me?" Denise put ice in her voice. She was hard as a rock and her words stung more than Da

ther. Dark gold internal force with the thickness of hair began to flow through Darren's energy meridians.

Nevertheless, the blade and sword intent mingled very slowly, and only a few wisps of dark gold internal force were flowing in his body when one Primitive Stone cracked.

Darren's wounds seemed to be healing. He felt his energy slowly coming back to him. He could no longer feel the sharp pains from his wounds.


A stream of strong power dashed against Darren. It was so powerful that it even destroyed the dark space he was in.


A figure shot at Denise from the debris, his eyes were as cold as ice. His whole body emitted such powerful aura.

"Goodbye, Denise." With a mutter, he waved the sword in his hand, a tremendous blade and sword intent surged to Denise with a wisp of dark gold internal force as thin as hair. From a distance, the attack would have looked aesthetically pleasing, especially with all the wisps of dark gold surrounding it. But the intent of the attack was far from beautiful; it was meant to destroy.

Silence fell over the world.

"Domain." After a brief moment, Denise had already restored her cracked domain.

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