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   Chapter 256 Mingling (Part One)

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"What?" Darren's heart was overwhelmed with great surprise. Now he knew that the domain skill was the most powerful means for a grand warrior.

Compared with Denise's domain skill, the power of the legendary martial skill that she had used earlier was a drop in the bucket. Darren still had a long way to go before he could be anywhere near her level.

"Merge!" Darren shouted. His voice resonated through the whole battlefield. He had come back to his sense once he stopped panicking. When he shouted, his remaining phantoms were merging with each other at once.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

All of Darren's abilities had increased over five hundred times. His strength had reached the unparalleled peak together with the second stage of his talent skill. His energy coursed through his veins. It was so powerful that it couldn't be contained inside his body. It spread throughout the whole area, destroying everything in its path.

The pitch-black space collapsed as the formidable power tore everything apart.

Countless cracks of explosion rose and fell in the void as their fight continued.

Despite this immense power, Darren was still not capable of destroying the real grand warrior. His strength breakout might have increased his strength immensely, but it was still below the real grand warrior.

At that moment, Darren was almost lost in despair. It was crystal clear to him that he could only repulse her, and that was all that he could do. Her domain was still not smashed which meant she would be invincible if she continued to hold out. No matter how hard he tried and how much power he used, it was like his attacks were mere tickles to her.

Darren shrieked. He poured everything in his power to his attacks.

Like the God of the demon, Darren continued to exert more power to his every attack at Denise. He was nowhere near giving up.

"Break! Break!"

He mum

owers would still fall short against hers.

Indeed Darren's domain skill was not powerful enough. Even with the use of the rune paper to improve his strength in his domain wasn't enough, or else he would have already defeated Denise earlier.

Denise flew over to make head-on bombardment with Darren. The whole space was on the brink of breaking up. At last, Darren was on the verge of giving up.

'What should I do? Am I going to die?" Darren thought in despair. He had no idea whether his persistence was meaningful, nor did he know whether it was worth of his life. He wondered what would happen if he just gave up.

But as the taunts of those big wheels and Denise's sad look came into his mind, Darren shook the thoughts away. There was no way he would give up. He just couldn't.

"Spiritual attack!" Darren resorted to the last means he had. He hoped that he would at least make a slight difference.

In the tenth space, the juvenile with a fishing rod had told him that the guardian of the eleventh space was born with a strong soul, and that his spiritual attack could hardly gain him a victory. Now, as Darren faced her, he realized that he was right. He was stuck in a fight that he did not have a chance of winning from the very start.

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