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   Chapter 255 Strength Of A Grand Warrior

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"Will you listen to my story? Really?" Denise said as she burst into tears.

"No, I'd better not tell you. I would probably just blabber on then you'll get annoyed and ignore me." Her brows furrowed together in worry.

"No, I swear I won't. I promise I'll listen to your every single word," Darren said, staring intently at Denise.

"Well, forget it. I'm not real, anyway." Denise gave out a sigh. "I'm just a wisp of spiritual intent. You're going to leave no matter if you win or lose. I'll be alone. It won't make any difference even if I tell you or not.

Unless..." She smiled bitterly.

"Unless what?" Darren raised his eyebrows

"Unless you get me out of this place. Will you do it? I mean, will you get me out of here if you pass the thirteenth test?" There was very little possibility of it happening, but she still wanted to air out her thoughts and feelings. She liked the feeling of having hope.

"You're asking me if I can get you out if I pass the thirteenth test? Sure. Okay. I promise I'll get you out." Darren's voice was firm and his eyes were full of sincerity.

Denise's heart was filled with warmth as she heard Darren's words. She gave him a smile that reached her eyes and said, "Thank you for saying that. I'm glad to know that you're willing to do that for me. Alright, come on. Let's get on with this so we can finish quickly." Denise' face became serious.

"Darren, you know that I won't be able to control myself once I begin. I want you to try your best to defeat me and even break through the thirteenth space," she said, reminding him before she went into combat mode.

Now that he understood why she didn't start the fight at the beginning. Once she started, she would spare no effort to defeat her opponent.

Darren was beginning to sympathize with her. She was too lonely all the time.

But she had become a guardian now. Darren knew what he had to do.

Within the next few seconds, Denise started to change into a completely different person. Darren could sense her internal force and spiritual aura; it was much stronger than that of any other guardian he had ever met in the Ancient Void Battlefield. It was close to the aura of a grand warrior.

'What in the world happened to her?'

Darren was still somewhat taken aback by Denise's strength. However, he had now reached the middle stage of the Wonder Realm; with the help of his skills, he would perhaps not lose the game.

Darren activated his demonic transformation skill.

His demonic internal force rushed out

e illuminated as an idea crossed his mind. 'The rune papers!' Darren suddenly remembered the reward he received after he won the first test—the five pieces of rune papers. They could increase his abilities five hundred times.

In spite of the extreme pain he was in, he jumped up towards the sky.

"Come back here

and lose again!" Denise exclaimed.

"Are you sure about that?" Darren stared back at Denise and shouted, "Blood Dragon Phantom!"

As the name implied, Darren was able to make numerous phantoms of himself with the help of the skill; and all said phantoms were now floating in the air.

Denise glowered at him. She then launched hundreds of shadow palms to fight against Darren's phantoms.

At that moment, Darren activated the five rune papers with his spiritual sense.

Darren's phantoms started moving at an unimaginable speed.

Darren's abilities were increased five hundred times.

Offense, defense, recovery—everything increased five hundred times.

The five rune papers brought incredible power to Darren; no matter how strong Denise was, she couldn't fight against all five hundred of Darren. After a while, she began to waver.

A light flashed across Denise's eyes. Her mouth was trembling in shock.

However, after a few moments, she rushed up again.

"Domain!" Her voice pierced the sky and Darren found himself, along with all his phantoms, shrouded in darkness.

There were several loud blasts;

several of Darren's phantoms perished.

It was said that anyone could be unbeatable once inside their own Domain. Denise, with the strength of a grand warrior, was definitely unbeatable for Darren after she used her domain skill too.

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