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   Chapter 254 The Guardian Of The Eleventh Space

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"You are here," a maiden said, giggling.

Just as Darren set foot in the eleventh space, a maiden in a white robe descended before him. Her pleasing silvery voice echoed in the space.

Darren nodded with widened eyes. Her beauty astounded him.

"My name is Denise. What is your name?" Denise had a pretty face and bright, beautiful eyes that were filled with innocence.

"Err. I am Darren Chu. We are supposed to battle. Perhaps it's not appropriate for us to get friendly," Darren answered with a frown. Denise's behavior left him speechless.

"Ha-ha, you are very funny." Two charming dimples bloomed in her cheeks as she smiled.

"What?" Darren was lost.

"Why do you want to talk about the fight? I would like someone to speak with. Even though I am made of a wisp of spiritual intent, I still feel lonely.

Look around you. There is nothing here but stones. It is an ice-cold world. I can't even see the stars.

Please don't go. Stay with me, please," Denise implored.

"Miss Denise, what are you talking about? I am just a challenger in this space. I can't stay here." Darren gave a wry smile.

"Of course, you can stay here. You will have to stay if I hide because you won't be able to find me." Denise giggled. Then she strode forward. In the blink of an eye, she vanished. Darren could not even detect traces of her breath.

"How is it possible? !" Darren found the maiden's behavior, both funny and absurd. 'Is the guardian of this space a freak?' he wondered.

How was he supposed to start the battle if the maiden had hidden herself? Darren was at a loss.

As he looked around, Darren noticed that the space was, indeed, home to cold and barren mountains. There wasn't even a blade of grass on the ground! It was somewhat similar to the Fire Cave.


With no other alternatives, Darren leaped up and began to search for Denise. However, as time went by, he could neither spot her nor find her breath.

Soon, he stumbled across a stone. The discovery surprised Darren.

"It's the Primitive Stone!" Darren picked it up immediately and inspected the breath contained in the stone. To his disappointment, the stone did not contain the Heavenly Repression Rule.

This Primitive Stone was thus, useless to Darren. Nevertheless, he stored it in his Space Ring. Since Primitive Stones were great treasures for the grand warriors waiting outside the Ancient

there? Answer me!" By now, anxiety had begun to course through the guardian. When Darren didn't move, she placed her fair hands on Darren's shoulders before gently patting away the dust that had coagulated into stone.

"Please don't leave me alone. I know you are there. I will be lonely without you. I don't want to be left alone," she sobbed.

The sound of her weeping echoed between the sky and earth, like Darren's roar before he began cultivating in silence.

Every second that she waited for Darren felt like hours. Soon, Denise was engulfed by loneliness in an empty world.

She sat by Darren's side and sobbed. When exhausted, she slept. After waking, Denise cried, giggled, and spoke more strange words to herself.

Year after year, Darren remained silent, as before. 'It doesn't make any difference if he is indifferent toward me, ' she realized. Loneliness was always her companion.

"Wake up. I will let you go if you beat me." Her voice was emotionless, like a ghost, there was no feeling in it at all.


Darren's eyes opened suddenly. Slowly, they shone like stars. His strong aura made the whole world tremble.

"Finally, you are waking up. Aren't you afraid that I will hide again?" The corner of Denise's mouth curved with a hint of a smile. Her bright eyes shone with mischief as she stared at Darren.

"You won't." Darren's voice was as cold as ice.


"Because you were lonelier than before, even though I was here, weren't you? "

"Yes." Tears welled in her beautiful eyes.

"Tell me what happened to you?" Darren asked softly, mild-eyed.

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