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   Chapter 253 The Reward In The Tenth Space

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Thoughts spun in his mind for a few moment. "Have someone passed the test of the ninth space?" Brian's avatar asked with a tone of a little surprise.

"The guardian of the Ancient Void Battlefield said that it was Darren who had passed the test set in the ninth space. When we left the Ancient Void Battlefield, Darren made himself qualified to enter the next space. Judging from the guardian's tone, I can tell that Darren probably can pass more tests given his performance."

"Yeah. Darren's show of skills has really stunned and amazed us."

Speaking about Darren, the talents couldn't stop talking and discussing what he had done in the Ancient Void Battlefield. Each one of them had something to say in the story. Even the avatar cast by Brian didn't interrupt them. Instead, what he did was listen quietly to the heated talk among them. However, as Darren's story was about to end, complicated feelings built up in the avatar's eyes.

'This time, Chad will get a huge benefit? It is way more than I have expected. Oh, I should get in with him?' Without them noticing, the avatar disappeared after several seconds. Brian, the person behind the avatar's character, walked towards Chad with a big grin.

"Chad, I got some rare tea in the forbidden area. Come on. Let's have a sip together." Brian invited Chad.


Meanwhile, in the ninth space of the Ancient Void Battlefield.


More skilled and advanced, Darren emanated a mighty aura and unleashed the Blade and Sword Domain, which was his most potent weapon on the battlefield. As he did so, the battlefield was taken by awe. It was as if the ninth space was about to be broken by the strength.

"Good! Your realm has upgraded to the middle stage of the Wonder Realm. The domain you released has reached its peak. It's powerful enough to make the upgrade," the young guardian of the ninth space instructing Darren with the blade and sword said seriously.

"Thank you a million times. If you didn't instruct me, my Blade and Sword Domain would not have acquired this powerful strength," Darren said with a mild smile, grateful to the youngster.

"Alas. How unfortunate that I am just a spiritual intent. If I were a human being, I could make friends with you," the youngster sighed with pity, casting a sad glumness on his face. While fixing his eyes at Darren, he continued, "There is no time left for you. You can't stay in this space anymore. The strength of the defender in the tenth space is about the same as mine. By the strength you have now, you can trounce him. However, the defender of the eleventh space is a mighty master. I hope you can seize the chance to defeat that master and keep your guard all the time."

"Thank you very much!" Preparing himself to leave, Darren cupped his hands and then turned around, entering the shining gate with sheer determination.

As soon as he entered the tenth space, Darren was mesmerized by the view of a deep blue river that flowed calmly with the swaying breeze. As he looked around, from the corner of his eye, he saw a lonely boy casting his fishing hook by the riverside. The moment the boy saw Darren, he slowly walked toward him with a faint smile.


Hearing the defender's words, Darren was overjoyed. "Please teach me the characters now!" he said excitedly in a hurry.

"Don't be in a hurry. You need to learn step by step. First, you should understand the characters written by the rule cultivator. Given your good ability to understand things, I think you can understand the book within three months." After saying that, the boy opened the old book and started teaching Darren.

Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. Time passed quickly, and Darren didn't waste even a single moment. He made himself busy learning and mastering the Spiritual Secret Skill. Six months passed.

The tenth space of the Ancient Void Battlefield didn't have a time restraint so that he could stay here for half a year. It was not a long time, as if the months just passed by in the blink of an eye.

"Release your Spirit Power and attack me!" the boy ordered Darren. They had battled for numerous bouts as part of Darren's training.


A mighty thread of Spirit Power was shot at the boy; then, his body twinkled at the edge of disappearing.

"Good job! You have mastered it. You can execute the most powerful soul attacks with your level eighteen Spirit Power," the boy said with a smile, proud of Darren.

"I'm grateful to you," Darren said sincerely.

"You needn't thank me. It's a part of the reward. You deserve it. Besides, if you don't have the Spirit Power, I couldn't help you to improve it. I haven't done much. You have everything within you. Now, you have a chance to pass the test in the next space.

But you need to remember that no matter whether your rival is the guardian in the eleventh space of the Ancient Void Battlefield or any cultivator in the real world, he might be born with excellent Spirit Power. Even if he is not a rule cultivator, you can't use the soul attack as your trump card to defeat your rival. Don't use it in the wrong way."

"I got it. I will always have that in mind." Nodding his head, Darren cupped his hand toward the boy. He thanked him and bid him goodbye. Then with confident strides, he entered the eleventh space.

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