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   Chapter 252 Preparation

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After Darren killed the young man, a door that emitted rays of blinding light suddenly emerged in front of him, but he didn't rush to enter it.

He stayed put for a few moments, waiting for the young man to gradually regain his consciousness just like the other masters did in the previous rounds.

"I lost to you," the young man said, shivering. "You are so powerful."

There was a look of sheer terror on his face and he could not bring himself to look Darren in the eye. He was totally shocked by what just happened in the fight.

"According to the rules, I should get a reward after defeating you," Darren calmly replied.

The young man nodded in agreement and said, "Yes, indeed. The reward is different from the other rounds, and it will be very important to you."

The moment he stopped talking, an old book flew into Darren's hand.

"What is this? Is it the legendary martial skill?" Darren asked with a raised brow.

The young man shook his head and replied, "This book contains all the detailed information about the masters in the tenth round and eleventh round. It even has information about the twelfth round and thirteenth round. This may sound surprising, but I honestly hope that you'll make it through the last two rounds. I myself have never been there in my entire life."

"Hum? So you mean that you had once entered the eleventh round?" Darren asked, his curiosity burning.

"Yes. I once tried to pass the Ancient Void Battlefield. After I passed the ninth round, they put my spiritual intent here to guard this space. But my strength was not strong enough to pass the eleventh round. The master in the eleventh round was so powerful. Few people in the world could match her strength. Maybe after you put a lot of efforts into your practice and improved your Blade and Sword Domain, there is a slim chance for you to face her," the young man explained with a bitter smile on his face.

"How do you know that I have Blade and Sword Domain? I have never used it in front of you," Darren asked in surprise.

Since the young man was also a master who could use his blade and sword at the same time, Darren knew that even if he used his Blade and Sword Domain to attack him, it wouldn't inflict a notable damage on him.

"I'm the person in charge of this ninth space, so it is perfectly natural that I know all the information about your blade and sword.

Actually, your power of the Blade and Sword Domain is more powerful than mine. But it is inevitable that the hard rules of the test limited your real strength, so you were not able to bring out the best in you.

I'm curious... how did you surpass me in blade and sword intent?"

Darren replied, "Your blade intent and sword intent were indeed strong, but you didn't notice that when I broke your array, the broken pieces of your intent could be assimilated into my body. So my blade and sword intents got a big boost while in battle. Otherwise, I'm afraid that I would have used my strongest talent skill to attack your powerful array." It was the truth.

When Darren was figh

d get your reward."

The grand warrior, whose name was Brian, motioned for the said talent to approach him.

As he did so, he deliberately cast a glance at the crowd and looked for Darren.

In a quiet yard, Brian's real body shook his head and said, "Chad, I said that we should not have let the young man enter the Ancient Void Battlefield. But your man insisted that he should attempt to clear the tests. Now that the poor young man has died in there. You killed an innocent man."

Brian feigned sadness and gave out a sigh. But the truth was, he didn't care whether Darren was dead or not. He just wanted to find something to tease Chad with. This was all fun and games for him.

"Humph. It is none of my business. I did not ask him to do it. I did not force him to enter the Ancient Void Battlefield," Chad replied indifferently.

"Fate plays cruel tricks sometimes. He knew that he was doomed to die in the Ancient Void Battlefield from the start, but he still went in there. He deserved it. But it is a pity that no one was able to enter the tenth round this time. If the Ancient Void Battlefield had not opened in advance, we could have found the top superior talents on the Talent Roll to enter the tests. In that case, it might increase the chances of winning."

The grand warriors never expected that the Ancient Void Battlefield would open in advance this time. When they got the news, there was not much time left for them to find some stronger superior talents.

Meanwhile, in the Grand Void Manor

"Sir, Ms. Violet Wang entered the ninth round," a talent replied.

"Ha-ha. That's great. After the meeting is over, Violet can get a special reward. Alas, it is a pity that the ninth round is the highest round we reached this time." Brian couldn't help but give out a sigh.

"Sir, actually, Ms. Violet Wang is not the person who passed the highest round in the Ancient Void Battlefield," one of the talents replied hesitantly.

"Huh?" Brian looked as though he was just doused with cold water. "What do you mean?"

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