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   Chapter 251 The Blade And Sword Array (Part Two)

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"Why don't we just get this over with? Less talk, more action!" Darren countered smoothly.

He then disappeared and within the blink of an eye, he reappeared right behind the man. But that was not the only trick he had up his sleeve. Upon revealing himself, Darren also released his strongest blade and sword intents. It was no less a surprise attack towards the unprepared young man.

"What the..." the young man cried out in shock.

Not only had Darren's sudden disappearance caught him off guard, but the sensation of the stronger blow of the blade and sword intents had surprised him as well. Contrary to all his expectations, Darren's blade and sword intents level was apparently higher than his own.

"It is impossible. I saw clearly that you are in the beginning of premium blade and sword intent. How the hell did you increase your strength to such a high level within a few minutes?" he wondered aloud. As Darren's blade and sword intents reached him, the young man struggled to block them with his blade and sword arms.

"You will never know my secret!" Darren proclaimed, not offering an explanation. And then once again, he transformed into a black shadow and rushed towards the man.

The truth was Darren's blade and sword intents used to be no match for that of this world. That also explained why he felt so much pressure and oppression in dealing with the young man's blade and sword array in the beginning.

But now, after he had sacrificed all his phantoms and finally defeated the young man's blade and sword array, his own blade and sword intents had increased to such a great extent in a short period of time. He now had the ability to win against the young man. The fight became more and more interesting as the scales began tipping to Darren's favor. It was now the young man's turn to feel suppressed under the attack of Darren's blade and sword intents.

However, the man could not bring himself to admit his inferiority as his pride didn't allow him to. "Well, I admit that I underestimated you, but you are still going to die!" the man shouted as he floated upwards, his long and thick hair whipping around his face. He opened his mouth and yelled out a battle cry.

"Legendary martial skill: Wind Chasing Sword!"

Upon activating his legendary sword skill, the man continued to release his blade skill. "Legendary martial skill: Silver Lunar Blade!" he added and began striking towards Darren with a much stronger force.

Both the blade and sword skills were released to their highest states. The effect of the combined strikes was comparable to a devastating tornado, which was evidently much more terrifying than the previous blade and sword array.

Noting that his successful barrage of attacks had managed to effectively weaken Darren and suppress his power, the young man started to

smashed into a thousand pieces. Blood spattered everywhere, but even that didn't last long as traces of him disintegrated into thin air.

Outside Ancient Void Battlefield, the battlefield guardian was paying close attention to their fight.

Now that the fight had ended with Darren's victory, he finally sighed with relief.

From the beginning, when he found out that the defender of the ninth space was the man with blade and sword arms, he thought that there was no hope of breaking through that space.

But now, Darren's excellent performance and impressive victory brought him vigor and great appreciation. He would have cried out in excitement if he wasn't a spiritual intent at the moment.

It was said that till now, only about twenty people from hundreds of thousands of fighters had been able to break through the ninth space of the Ancient Void Battlefield and got into the tenth space. It was with great joy that he realized Darren was now one of them.

The previous people who had the ability to break through the ninth space were either fighters with the power of grand warriors, or someone who had the prominent defensive object to protect himself while marching forward.

Unlike them, Darren neither had an outstanding skill nor had proper protective equipment. He even started his fight facing the huge oppression from the ninth space defender's blade and sword array. But no matter how hard it was, he succeeded. He made it through using his wits, perseverance, and will power.

"He is indeed a potential genius. I never thought this day would come, but now I have hope... and I'm placing it in his hands," the Ancient Void Battlefield guardian said with a smile. As Darren still had other tests to go through, the guardian spent one last moment appreciating the miracle that just happened and then continued watching Darren's journey with bated breath.

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