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   Chapter 249 The Space Of Blades And Swords

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"Roar!" The sound of the cave resonated and echoed far beyond the distance. Slowly, each brick started to melt, one by one, as if it were a volcano. What did the cave hide however?

Surprising all four of them, the cave before Darren collapsed, and a light gate appeared. They closed their eyes because the light was too bright, and slowly one by one they reopened their eyes as they adjusted to the light of the gate.

Swiftly, Bowen, Norris and Quinn flew over to Darren. Seeing the intensely impressive scene, they were deeply overwhelmed. More than that they wondered how powerful Darren was.

Darren examined the faces of his three astonished companions as he readied himself to go through the light gate. He looked around to make sure the space they were about to step in was safe and then said to his three stunned companions in order to enter the next space with a simple, "Let's go." Darren called the stunned three to enter the next space.

The three heard Darren, but they moved slowly and awkwardly, nodding as if in a trance, staring at Darren as if he were some kind of monster and not their friend. A multitude of questions circled around in their heads, perhaps to be answered, and perhaps not. Nevertheless, they were extremely excited about this next space Darren was leading them into.

In the distance, there was a slight rattling of stones which they paid no attention to. However, as they were about to step into the light gate, the stone guardian suddenly came back to life again. It seemed like he was an impenetrable wall of bricks, and he was very tall with red piercing eyes. He was fearful.

Bowen, Norris and Quinn were shocked and paralyzed in their spots with fear. Their faces flushed and their pulses quickened from the veins in their necks, and their hands started sweating as they tried to rub them dry on the clothes. Their eyes widened in horror and they were speechless. "Eh? You must want to die once more!" Unfazed, Darren shouted with his eyebrows furrowed.

"My challenger, you are really powerful," said the stone man to Darren. He seemed to admire his opponent's strength. In his deep strong and sturdy voice, he said to Darren, "Since you have passed the test of the second space, this is your reward. I'm certain you will need it." The stone man's tone was no longer cold. Slowly, he took off his suit of armor which gradually shrunk as he slowly approached Darren.

Surprised by the stone guardian's present, Darren composed himself and addressed the stone man by saying, "Well, thank you for the gift. I like it." Looking at his new suit of armor with pride, he turned around and held it up for his friends to see who were all mesmerized by the entire exchange between the stone man and Darren. Then Darren put the armor away.

Subsequently, Darren led the three others towards the next space. However, to his surprise, barring him the other three were all denied entry. He was puzzled and thought something was seriously wrong.

He asked the stone man, "Why did this happen? Do you really want to be killed again?" Darren looked back and stared at the stone man.

"You can enter the next space because you have passed the test. The truth is you did it alone

and sword intent. He felt his heart beating wildly with sheer terror.

Then he tried to shoot his own blade and sword intent. However, it drowned in the river without any reaction.

'It seems that this space is designed based on the challenger's martial skill so that the challenger will fail to bring all his strength into play, ' Darren thought to himself. Finally, he realized that he had perceived the mystery of the space.


Darren snarled all of a sudden. The demon core ran quickly inside his body driven by the demonic internal force. Immediately, Darren displayed the demonic transformation skill. Instantly, he looked like a Demon God.


Beforehand, in the former tests, Darren had improved his skills to the limits within his realm. Now, his surging demonic internal force collided with the blade and sword intent from the river.

Their powers were almost equivalent, shaking heaven and earth.

However, this didn't mean that Darren's demonic internal force was stronger than his blade and sword intent. Actually, they were both powerful, but Darren's blade intent and sword intent were suppressed here. What was worse, he couldn't find the target.

That was why up till now Darren hadn't released the Blade and Sword Domain. He knew clearly that even the domain couldn't afford to resist the endless blade and sword intent from the river.

Driven by a crazed blood-lust, he let out a resounding "Roar!"

His eyes turned scarlet as he once again ejected an internal demonic force. Then the blade and sword intent was bombarded to be scattered around, fiercely devastating the earth.

Rocks flew in all directions as the firmament quivered. Out of those, an extraordinary figure stood immovably firm, shocking heaven and earth.


Then there was the all too familiar sound of resounding bone chilling thunder! All at once the blades and swords along the river started flying high and formed two huge swirls in the sky.

Amazed and bewildered, Darren looked up as lightning sparked in the middle of the two large swirls, which almost seemed to burn the extraordinary figure into ashes.

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