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   Chapter 248 Second Killing

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The three injured people healed their wounds with the help of the magic spiritual herbs Darren gave them. Not only had they been healed, but their strength had been improved as well.

Billy lay on the ground, motionless like an abandoned dog left to die. Crippling fear rose from the bottom of his heart, spreading through his limbs like poison.

"Please," Billy begged, his voice trembling. "Please don't kill me." He would have wept if he had the energy to do so, but he was so drained that he could barely keep his eyes open.

"Remember what you made us feel when you tried to kill us? Well, have a taste of your medicine. Are you enjoying it so far? If Darren hadn't come along to help us, you would have shown no mercy and killed us. So what makes you think that we'll let you go?" Norris asked with a bitter smile on his face. His bones had been broken by Billy and there was no way he would forget how that felt like.

The cold anger that took hold of his heart grew more intense as he looked at the person responsible for putting him through so much pain. He then extended his hand and grabbed a handful of Billy's flesh, ripping it apart like a piece of meat for the long-awaited dinner.

Billy screamed in pain. Quite desperately, he grabbed Darren's leg to beg for mercy.

But Darren remained unfazed. He was usually generous, but Billy was a man who didn't deserve any mercy. He answered Billy's pleas with an icy smile.

One after another, the three took turns to torture Billy within an inch of his life. Even when Billy lost consciousness, they managed to wake him and continue the torment. They did not let any second go to waste.

"I think we have hurt him enough. Should we kill him now, Darren?"

"Not yet. We may find ourselves needing a dead dog. So let's keep him breathing for now. We need to focus on getting through the test," Darren casually replied as he looked at the pitch-black cavern. An extremely horrible odor was coming from it, as though it was from an existence akin to a beast.

"Take him over there."

Without further ado, they flew over and stopped in front of the cavern. As for the endless magical herbs, they had all been rendered immobile by Darren's breath, so there was no real harm anymore.

"Wait for me here. I will go in and have a look," Darren said.

"Take care, Darren. The thing inside the cavern is very powerful."

Although they knew how powerful Darren had grown over time, they couldn't deny that the energy coming from the cavern felt so powerful and overwhelming. They wondered if Darren could actually defeat it with his own strength, but they decided to just believe in his capacity. The concern in their voices didn't go unnoticed by Darren.

"Trust me, I will be fine," Darren reassured with a smile. With a flash, Darren's figure disappeared and flew into the pitch-black cavern.

"Darren is a true genius. He managed to improve his strength to a level we can only look up to within such a short time."

"I agree. Even B

In the Ancient Void Battlefield, three years ran like ten days outside. They had three years for going through each of the first nine realms, so it was around three months outside of the Ancient Void Battlefield. That meant they would not be teleported back to the outside world if they succeeded in going into the tenth round in three months' time.

"Fight him?" Darren glanced at the stony guardian with a smirk. "No, I won't fight him. I will kill him in a second.

You step back as far as possible!" He let out a battle cry, his surging blade and sword intent hushing out of him like all the pores in his body had been opened. He aimed it towards the stone guardian.

Feeling Darren's horrible breath smothering the air, Bowen and the other two all flew back as fast as they could to avoid accidental injuries that they might sustain from watching the fight. They had no doubt that they would be cut into pieces if they so much as touch a wisp of the powerful blade and sword intent that Darren was wielding right now.

"Cocky human, you will pay the price for your words." The guardian acknowledged that Darren's sword intent was powerful, but he believed that it was not powerful enough to damage him.

"We'll see about that." Darren dashed towards the stony guardian at full speed, exercising his Blade and Sword Domain skill on the way.

It was at this point that the guardian felt Darren's strength for what it truly was. The smug look in his eyes was immediately replaced by fear, realizing that Darren's sword intent and blade intent weren't the only weapon he had.

"Domain...You have mastered the domain skill!"

Darren's face split into a cruel smile. "You should have realized it sooner. Now die!" Darren was invincible in his domain. He struck the guardian continuously and he didn't stop until the guardian was nothing but a pile of smoking rubble on the ground. The fire had died out.

And with that, the stony guardian was killed in a second, just like what Darren promised.

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