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   Chapter 246 A Big Step Forward

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"You are unreasonable. You couldn't resist the temptation and rushed to pick the herbs. How does your problem concern us?" retorted a genius. The genius was unhappy as he had been scolded for no apparent reason.


Without a word, Billy delivered a palm attack towards the genius, pushing him backwards dozens of feet.

"Norris, are you all right?" Another genius who was friendly with the injured cultivator rushed forward to catch him.

Blood oozed slowly from the corner of Norris Fang's mouth. Norris Fang was not weak, and he could kill a cultivator at the middle stage of the Wonder Realm when he was at full strength. However, Billy was stronger than him.

"Billy, you've gone too far! If I team up with Quinn, we'll be strong enough to kill you. And that is what you deserve!" Norris Fang snapped. Quinn Qi, the genius who had helped Norris, glared at Billy.

"Yes, Billy, if you continue to act cruelly, we'll be forced to retaliate. Then, you cannot blame us for our behavior." Before Billy could respond, Quinn and Norris unleashed their powerful aura.

"Humph, you two weaklings want to kill me? You won't have a chance, because I'll kill you first!" Billy cried as he summoned all his power.

"Stop it!" Darren yelled. His tone was so imposing that everyone stopped to stare at him.

"Oh, one more? Do you intend to ally with them?" Billy asked as he glared at Darren. "All right, come at me together. I don't mind killing all of you."

"Billy, if I also join them, do you think you will have a chance to survive?" Bowen said while releasing his energy. In terms of strength, Bowen was a little stronger than Quinn.

As the three waves headed for him, Billy, whose combat power had been partly sapped by the magic herb, wasn't sure he could kill them anymore. What was more, the talented young man had not shown his real strength as yet. Billy wondered how powerful Darren was, and became wary of the other geniuses who opposed him. If all these geniuses joined forces, he had little chance of winning.

"Ha-ha, well, when I regain my strength, I will teach you bastards a lesson, one by one," Billy threatened as his expression turned into a sneer.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Suddenly, the sound of skin hitting skin echoed in the space. A figure had swiftly flown toward Billy and slapped his haughty face several times in succession.

"Damn it. How dare you slap me?" Billy was taken aback by the sudden attack. He had never thought that anyone would slap him on the face. Utterly embarrassed, Billy's face turned crimson.

It wasn't until the attacker stopped that the others realized t

supernatural martial skill. Now that he had mastered a supernatural blade skill, it would be easy to condense the blade core with the previous battlefield experience.

Darren summoned the blade intent, compressed it into his elixir field, and started to set the blade core.

Ten days went by quickly. During this time, Darren had no trouble condensing the blade core.

"Will the blade core vanish after I leave?"

Darren deliberated for a while before concluding that it wouldn't be reversed once he left. He rationalized that since he had condensed the blade core using the blade intent he had before he entered the battlefield, the upgrade had nothing to do with whether he was in the Ancient Void Battlefield or not.

Satisfied, Darren hunted for a few more magic herbs. Once he had collected several, he assimilated them all at once.

"It's starting to breakthrough."

Darren released both the blade core and the sword core. In the process of the breakthrough, he continuously compressed the blade intent and the sword intent. Finally, his blade core and sword core were upgraded to the green level, just like when he was in the first battlefield.


The massive spiritual energy of heaven and earth descended, and the magic herbs trembled and fell on the ground.

Darren's body was filled with horrifying power, and his strength increased rapidly.

The spiritual energy continued to enter his body for two hours before it finally stopped.

Darren had been quietly experiencing the mystery of the Wonder Realm all this time. When he opened his eyes, they glistened with excitement.

"I never expected to own such terrible power when I reached the Wonder Realm." Darren felt the strength he had gained and was shocked.

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