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   Chapter 245 The Magic Herbs

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"Darren, please reconsider your request. If you want, I can keep the memory of a legendary martial skill for you," the guardian advised.

"Thank you, sir. At present, legendary martial skills might not be the most suitable reward for me as they usually take a lot of time to understand. My request is to keep Tom here," Darren replied, without hesitation.

At first, all the geniuses thought that Darren was stupid. Later, they began to believe that Darren was incredibly kind to give up a legendary martial skill for Tom. They admired his generous character.

"Thank you very much, Darren. I really don't know what to say," Tom said excitedly as he walked to Darren.

"Don't mention it, Tom. It was you who gave me the chance to come here. You deserve the opportunity to continue. Ha-ha," said Darren.

"To tell you the truth, I underestimated you at first. Now that I have seen what you are capable of, I officially apologize. I hope that you can forgive me," Tom said, sincerely.

"It was no big deal. Just forget about it," Darren replied with a polite nod.

After the first test was finished, the guardian used a force to return the geniuses' cultivation base to their original state. The force also erased the memory of the skills they had learned here.

As soon as Billy's cultivation base was restored, he cast a malevolent glare at Bowen. He also hated Darren because he was envious that Darren, who was merely at the Mysterious Realm, had a greater talent for martial arts than him.

Then the guardian began to give the necessary information about the upcoming tests.

"Those of you who have passed the first battlefield test will be divided into five groups. Each group will enter one of the five doors for the second to the tenth battlefield tests."

The guardian paused before continuing to speak, "The previous ten battlefield tests were prepared for the eleventh test and the later ones. So, I hope you pass from the second to the tenth test as soon as possible. I also hope that some of you will be successful in obtaining the rare treasures and even the hidden ones that no one has acquired for many years."

The guardian's words cheered up the geniuses. They were so encouraged and tempted by the promise of rare treasures that their focus shifted from the hatred they felt for Darren.

Since the first ten tests had been prepared for the later tests, how difficult would the following tests be? As for the legendary twelfth and thirteenth tests, the geniuses wondered what

that simple.

In the next moment, Bowen and the other two geniuses also stepped forward to pick the magic herbs.

"Wait a minute!" Darren stopped the three people.

Bowen and the other two geniuses stopped when they heard Darren's warning. Carefully, they studied the endless expanse of magic herbs, but they found nothing unusual.

After a while, a burst of terrible auras of strength covered the land. It was coming from the countless magical herbs! What was worse, they were headed for Billy.

"Damn it! All these magical herbs have mental abilities!" yelled Billy fearfully as he was overwhelmed by the powerful magic herbs.

At the moment, the other three geniuses trembled. Even the weakest magic herbs were comparable in terms of strength to cultivators at the primary stage of the Wonder Realm. The strongest ones were perhaps equivalent in terms of power to cultivators at the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm. This was a dangerous situation.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" Billy screamed as he launched countless fist attacks at those herbs. Panicked, Billy fought back by releasing his Omnipotent Talent Skill.

"Billy is really strong as he is very close to the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm," Darren smiled and mumbled.


A great energy burst sent waves of shock toward the magic herbs. In a flash, a discomfited figure was thrown toward the entrance.

Billy's body was covered in wounds. However, he was lucky, as none was fatal.

"You just stood by and watched the herbs attack me? You bastards! Why the hell didn't you help me? Son of a bitch! Do you want me to kill you right now?" roared Billy as he glared at Darren and the other people.

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