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   Chapter 243 A Battle Between Two Talents

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"Darren, I can feel that you possess some strange yet powerful force. But still, you're no match for me. I advise you to give up now. As per my current strength, no one below the middle stage of the Wonder Realm can defeat me," Bowen said conceitedly.

"What makes you think that no person below the middle stage of the Wonder Realm can match you? How is it that I have not heard about this before? How did you know that I'm weaker than a cultivator at the middle stage of the Wonder Realm?" Darren snapped.

Amused by his questions, Bowen, who was always reserved and composed, laughed out loud. "Although it is possible for you to have learned some powerful legendary martial skills, you haven't broken into the Wonder Realm yet. How are you going to defeat me? The gap between realms is too large. You should know that people with a higher cultivation base can easily defeat those with a lower level," Bowen said confidently.

"Are you saying that I should surrender? So, you think that you're stronger than me?" Darren asked.

"Yeah, that's what I think. So, what's your decision? Are you still going to battle me even though you know that you will lose?" Bowen chuckled.

"I remember you telling Miss Wang that you didn't believe that you were weaker than her. Now, I want to tell you the same. I don't believe that I am weaker than you," Darren said before releasing two aggressive, powerful forces.

The forces he unleashed were the sword intent and the blade intent.

"You! I didn't expect you to have practiced the sword and blade skills concurrently," Bowen said, looking slightly surprised.

The crowd present was also dumbfounded when Darren unleashed the sword intent and blade intent.

Boyce was the only one who didn't look amazed, for he already knew that Darren was an excellent swordsman and blade cultivator.

Even though Violet sensed the overwhelming sword and blade intents, she didn't think that Darren could prevail over Bowen. After fighting Bowen, she had experienced his formidable strength. 'Bowen defeated me even though he didn't use his full strength. Judging by the sword and blade intents Darren released, he is not strong enough to match Bowen, ' she rationalized.

"It is possible that Darren might hold on a little longer than I did. However, I don't believe that he can win," Violet mumbled as she checked her injuries. She seemed to have nearly recovered from her wounds.

"Miss Wang, you're insightful. What you said makes sense. I bet Darren will not be able to win the first place."

"Even if Darren doesn't come first, he will win the second place. Those who looked down upon him will be embarrassed. Especially those grand warriors."

"I disagree. The first trial is designed to test a cultivator's talent. If he wants to pass the upcoming tests, he needs to be strong. I don'

lly master it, you can at least get thirty-six avatars. I don't think you can defeat me with this skill."

Darren tried to activate his inheritance skill as he spoke. To his delight, he could use it.

'Perhaps the inheritance skill has been a part of me and it isn't a martial skill, so the power in the Ancient Void Battlefield couldn't take it away from me.

The inheritance skill of the Dragon that I learned is better than the legendary martial skill Bowen has mastered. After all, his avatar can only own 90% of his strength. Even so, the martial skill he has practiced is incredible. After all, it is one of the legendary martial skills, ' Darren mused.

Even though he could activate his inheritance skill, Darren had no intention of using it. He decided to operate the skill in case of an emergency.

"Legendary martial skill, Invincible Spear Skill!"

With a roar, Bowen and his four black avatars released the legendary martial skill.

Bowen intended to defeat Darren with this attack. To ensure he had maximum power, he used a supernatural martial skill to provide energy to his body. He then created a dozen spear shadows and commanded them to attack his opponent.

Each spear shadow was much more powerful than the previous one.

"Stab! Destroy!" he bellowed.

At this point, the clouds rocked in the wind, and the earth shook. Everything in the world seemed to have lost its color. The only thing Darren could see was the spear shadows heading for him.

"That skill is terrifying," Darren remarked. As he concentrated, the green blade core collided with the sword core in his elixir field.

"I'll show you my best skill. Let's see whether my skill is more powerful than your legendary martial skill," Darren said as he leaped into the air. Against the backdrop of dark clouds and the storm raging in the sky, Darren looked like an incredible martial artist.

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