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   Chapter 242 Bowen Versus Violet (Part Two)

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"I will defeat him no matter what!" As she defended herself against Bowen's fierce attack with great difficulty, an idea floated in her mind. Regaining her confidence and fighting spirit, she allowed a small smile to break across her face.

"Killing Sword Intent!"

Violet roared as a purple glow emitted from her body. The enormous killing power smothered the entire battlefield. It was so intense that even the talents outside the battlefield was taken aback by the experience.

"Ah, I can't believe that she has already grasped the Killing Sword Intent. It is indeed a terrifying skill."

"Now, her Killing Sword Intent is over ten times powerful than it used to be, possibly even stronger!"

It made a lot people stare at Violet in awe and respect.

The killing aura that Violet was emitting piqued Darren's interest even more. It never occurred to him that there was such a miraculous martial skill that could tremendously increase one's sword intent. Moreover, her killing aura could exert enormous pressure on her opponent. The pressure was also about ten times stronger than normal. Just what made it possible? What was her secret?

"Humph! You can't do anything to me. It doesn't matter if you have Killing Sword Intent. After all, it is only a supernatural martial skill!" Bowen exclaimed, his eyes brimming with confidence. In the blink of an eye, his black spear suddenly radiated a light. It was so fierce that it blinded almost everyone in the vicinity. He then sent it towards the sky.

"The legendary martial skill—Invincible Spear Skill!"

Bowen turned into a brilliant flash of light and dashed towards Violet without wasting another breath.

As they collided with each other, a deafening sound was heard coming from them. It sounded like the crack of thunder in the sky and the roar of an earthquake on land. Their power was so intense that it made the entire battlefield shake violen

like she was seeing Bowen for the first time.

"I understand now. He didn't use his real strength while fighting me," Violet muttered bitterly. She realized that Bowen's victory was not brought by sheer luck. He was really stronger than her.

"That's great. You are good enough to be my opponent," Darren said, smiling as he welcomed Bowen's intense power.

"What does he mean by that? Is he saying that he can fight with a true genius like Bowen?" As they were discussing, the memory of how Darren killed Don with just one move flashed in their minds.

The final round between the two talents was becoming more and more exciting. Although they didn't look down on Darren anymore, they still thought that it was virtually impossible for Darren to defeat Bowen in the final round.

"Alas, Bowen is too powerful. I don't fancy Darren's chances against him." Boyce felt a little discouraged.

"We can only hope that Darren is stronger than we can imagine. Although, yes, I have to agree with you that it's almost impossible to defeat Bowen. He needs some sort of miracle to win this fight," Tom mumbled, unable to mask his disappointment as well. He felt as though his chances of staying here through Darren's persuasion was getting farther and farther from reality.

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