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   Chapter 241 Bowen Versus Violet (Part One)

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"It didn't occur to me that the young man who had been looked down on has such strong power. I guess we underestimated him a lot."

"Bowen was very low-key too. He only wore a common gray shirt. Do real talents tend to keep a low profile? Is that how they manage to become so strong without anyone noticing?"

The audience fixed their eyes on the battlefield. They were totally amazed at the tremendous power emitted from the three talents on the stage. Hot waves of energy kept fanning their faces, but they didn't dare blink for fear that they'd miss a spectacular technique.

The three talents had all started their cultivation from the beginning. Since they were geniuses in learning martial skills, they had spent less time in learning them. There was a good chance that each of them would be able to defeat all the other talents on their own. That was the difference between those three talents and the other participants. So most people were green with envy just with the thought of it.

"There are three people here. What should we do?" Darren casually asked as he stood in the middle of the battlefield.

Since there were three people in the battlefield, the two of them would have to make an alliance to attack another person. After they successfully took out one person, the other two would then fight again to decide who was the winner.

"You two can band together and attack me. After losing, you guys can decide who is the number two and number three," Bowen said with a smirk while a look of disdain flashed in his eyes. He was confident that he would win the battle no matter what tricks the others tried to pull on him.

"Ha-ha. Bowen, you are overestimating your own abilities," Violet replied with a sickly sweet smile on her face. Nothing about that smile seemed friendly or comforting.

She knew that the two young men were indeed powerful, but that didn't mean that she would cower in fear. After all, there was a reason she reached the finals. She had her own skills and advantages, too

let snorted rather coldly. She flew towards the sky, the wind caressing her hair.

"Sword Intent Flaming Skill!"

A soft-looking, almost transparent sword appeared in her hands. But as she wielded it in the sky, her powerful sword intent bore down on Bowen like a fierce beast.

"The skill she used is a supernatural sword skill in the martial world. It appears to have reached the high level. She really has great potential as a sword cultivator. However, her sword intent isn't good enough. She has not reached the high level of the preliminary sword intent,"

Darren commented in a low voice, seeing that Violet was also a sword cultivator like him.

"Domineering Spear!"


A long black spear suddenly appeared in Bowen's hands. As he gave out a roar, the spear emitted tremendous power and radiated towards Violet's sword intent. In a split second, her sword intent was broken into pieces. It then dissipated into the air as though it didn't exist in the first place.

His powerful spear kept on stabbing towards Violet.

She was totally dumbfounded as she felt the strong aura being emitted from his spear. Although the spear skill that Bowen used was also a supernatural martial skill, he was much more powerful than she was. She realized she was totally cornered. She wanted nothing but to get out of this situation.

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