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   Chapter 240 The Teenager In Grey (Part Two)

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"Did his talent reach the level nine of the Earth Degree?" Violet said in disbelief, unable to accept the sudden turn of events.

'A cultivator whose talent is at the level eight of Earth Degree would still find it difficult to master the legendary martial skills. If the teenager in grey could use a legendary martial skill, he definitely has a talent worthy of the level nine of the Earth Degree. That's the only explanation for his being able to comprehend such complicated martial skills.

Turns out he is the real genius... One who has hidden his strength!' Boyce thought.

The teenager who wore grey clothes nodded at Tom. He turned to look at Billy and said, "If you were my opponent, you would have lost your life."

Although the teenager wasn't a talker, he couldn't endure bossy people like Billy and would have shown him no mercy.

Billy was so furious that the blue veins popped out of his forehead. Despite that, he didn't snap back for he could tell by his tone that the teenager wanted him dead. If he uttered a word, he was afraid that the teenager might take his life for real.

"We have twenty-five participants who can receive the second test. Now, I am going to select three participants to take part in the finals, for the top three ranking. Violet Wang, Bowen Xiao, and Darren Chu, get ready for the finals," the guardian announced.

"What? It's not fair! Why can't I join the finals?" Billy bellowed at the guardian as he jumped to his feet abruptly.

The guardian glanced at him nonchalantly before saying, "Anyone who has a problem with my arrangement can challenge the one I choose. But I must warn you that killing is a must on the field, given such a situation. Billy, if you'd like to alter my arrangement, please come over here and fight your opponent."

"Hold on. What are you saying? Killing is a mus

r cultivation. What if he couldn't get over this loss? Everything he worked so hard for would just go to waste. He didn't want that to happen.

"Umm... Do you think Darren can win the first prize? But even if he does, I am afraid he will not waste such a good chance on me," Tom responded with a hesitant expression. Despite his reservations and doubts, Boyce's words gave him a dash of hope. 'This first trial tested one's talent. I'm sure the qualified participants will restore their cultivation base in the next test. If I had the chance to continue the test, I believe that I might be able to make it to the eleventh test, ' Tom thought.

"Darren is a good person. If I speak for you, he might agree to help you. I hope he can win the game," Boyce reassured him with a smile.

"Well, then, thank you," Tom said, wishing Darren could take the first prize. His gaze shifted to the field.

Boyce nodded and focused his gaze on the stage, too.

The fight had begun. The three on the stage had started releasing their tremendous aura, which made the rest hold their breaths and tense up.

Everyone's eyes were fixed on the three. The battle, one that everyone would remember for a long time, was about to break out.

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