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   Chapter 239 The Teenager In Grey (Part One)

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Deafening silence enveloped the whole place, echoing eerily in their minds. No one could figure out how Darren had ended Don in the blink of an eye, no matter how hard they tried. With every scenario, every possibility they came up with, it only made them feel as if they were going farther from the truth.

The rest, including the fourteen superior talents, were all taken aback by the result. 'He killed Don without making any noise. This teenager is terrifyingly strong, ' they thought as they felt the tremor under their skins.

"Darren won. He now has access to the next test," the guardian announced in a booming voice.

As shocking as the result was, he didn't care how Darren managed to take Don out. His sole duty was to supervise the competition and nothing else.

A few seconds later, the rest participants finally got over the shock and adjusted their state of mind. After all, they had to make sure that they were in the best condition to issue a challenge or accept one themselves. They aimed to pass the first test.

Darren took the seat where Don had sat a moment ago, watching the rest fight with each other. His eyes held little interest in what was going on around him, but he made sure to pay attention in case a promising opponent showed up.

Four hours later, most participants were done with their matches. Only three were left as no one had challenged them yet. It wasn't because they were extremely weak or uninteresting, but because they were the best superior talents present and everybody else was scared to face them. To others, facing them meant total defeat before the fight even started.

These three superior talents were called Violet Wang, Billy Huang, and Tom Yi. The last one was from the Skywalker Alliance.

"Darren, that was impressive. I knew you are incredible. After all, your talent is at level nine of Earth Degree," Boyce praised, his words lathered with admiration, as he sat down next to Darren.

He defeated the one he had challenged. It was, by no means,

dn't even feel the power the teenager had released.

But to their utter astonishment, Tom's face immediately turned beet red. He doubled over in pain as though he was crumbling under intense pressure.

"What's going on?" Boyce gasped with wide eyes. He hoped that Tom could defeat his opponent. After all, Tom was also a part of Skywalker Alliance. He could tell by Tom's expression that something wasn't right, though. It looked as if... he was about to lose.

"As I expected, Tom lost the game," Darren said flatly, confirming Boyce's thoughts.

"But how? What just happened?" Boyce asked, his voice sounding a little more frantic than what he wanted.

Darren didn't answer. Instead, he motioned for Boyce to continue watching Tom. A couple of seconds later, Tom gasped for air. With a relieved expression, he said, "Thank you for showing mercy. I give up."

His voice was hoarse as a bitter smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. He didn't expect that the teenager in grey would be so strong that it would be impossible to handle him. If he was being completely honest, the martial skill the young man used freaked him out.

"The legendary martial skill was formidable!" Tom sighed with a resigned expression.

"Wait, what did you just say? He activated a legendary martial skill?" Billy exclaimed, his mouth agape in shock.

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