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   Chapter 238 Being Killed In An Instant

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Darren decided to condense the blade and sword cores simultaneously, which turned out to be far more difficult than he imagined.

Three months' time had quickly elapsed, but he felt that he was still far from finishing condensing the cores.

One day, while Darren was cultivating as usual, there was a rumble from a distant mountain, stirring its surroundings and everything within close proximity to it. The tremendous spiritual energy that poured into it caused a shock so violent that it reached Darren's location.

The rumbling was an apparent sign of someone reaching the Wonder Realm.

Darren raised his head and glanced towards the direction of the mountain. "Hmm, not bad. That cultivation speed is almost as quick as mine," he muttered.

But he was not really concerned much about it. Even at his normal speed, he was able to reach the Wonder Realm two months ago. And so, he ignored it and went back to condensing his cores.

Time flew by and five months passed. Darren felt his sword and blade intent had finally reached the limit which meant that he was now on the threshold of forming his sword and blade cores. But frankly, it was still easier said than done. Over the past months, Darren had tirelessly devoted himself to the cultivation of the sword intent and blade intent. Day in, day out, he hardly ever slept or took any rest.

It was much more difficult to cultivate the two kinds of intent together than just one of them, but he was still determined to do it anyway.

At that moment, as Darren gathered his blade intent and sword intent into his elixir field—the energy center inside his body, his mental state also arrived at the limit.

He had reached the realm of selflessness.

He made various gestures with his hands, making the perfect blade and sword formulas appear. The blade and sword intent spun together inside his elixir field and slowly formed into what would be the beginnings of a blade core and a sword core.

He was starting to make progress, when suddenly, he felt a heavy fluctuation in the heaven and earth spiritual energy. It could only mean that more warriors had reached the Wonder Realm.

'Huh? What's with this change?' Darren felt something different.

He found a subtle change just when his blade intent and sword intent were on the point of formation. Quite a number of imperceptible whirlpools appeared on the cores. It sucked in all the blade and sword intent that approached it, compressing them at a rapid speed.

Darren tried to pour a mass of blade and sword intent into his elixir field and all of it was almost instantaneously compressed into the whirlpools. As it happened, the color of the blade and sword cores turned from red to orange.

'I see! This is the way to improve the level of the core!' Darren was overjoyed. The level of the sword core or blade core was ranked according to its color: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple from low to high level. The highe

the corner of the battle platform, they saw a juvenile standing there, pitch-black hair cascading down his face.

"Darren!" Boyce's eyes widened in delight. He ran up to Darren and asked him, "When did you come here? I thought you were already—"

"Eliminated?" Darren gave Boyce a faint smile. "I'm the first one here, how could I be eliminated? Stop joking, Boyce."

Everyone was surprised by his words. Was he really the first one to arrive at the site? They never saw Darren, nor did they feel Darren's aura.

Some of them even thought that he was just bluffing. Don was a firm supporter to this thought.

He disdainfully glared at Darren. "You little piece of rubbish. Don't blow your own trumpet. Does anyone feel his realm? He's only at the Mysterious Realm, far from the Wonder Realm," he shouted aloud, making sure that everyone heard him.

Darren ignored Don and turned to the guardian. "I dare to ask you a question, sir. Are we allowed to kill our opponents in the challenge?" His voice was so icy that it sent a chill down all the talents' spines.

"Killing is allowed," the guardian started. "But, only on the condition that you would be able to kill your opponent in three moves." He then kept his eyes focused on Darren, curious about what the young man was devising.

"Well then, I will kill Don," Darren said dryly, not a trace of emotion on his face.

Don's face was starting to grow red from trying to hold in his laughter. Just as he was about to burst out laughing and mock the foolish lad in front of him, his face curdled and his grin disappeared.

"Hey, what's wrong with Don?" Everyone was disturbed by the strange look on Don's face.

Soon enough, they all realized what was wrong. "He's dead! Don is dead!"

The shout stirred up a storm deep in the talents' hearts. One after another, they all stood up and gazed at Darren in surprise.

'This is impossible, absolutely impossible!' Even Violet was left wide-eyed in shock.

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