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   Chapter 237 Quick Practice

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Darren smiled and said, "Don't think too much about that. Let's pick a martial skill and begin practicing it. Three years' time is too short for us cultivators."

Boyce looked at Darren and realized that he was serious. He began to look forward to seeing what realm Darren would reach within three years here. 'Although neither of us have a cultivation base now, Darren has a talent of level nine of the Earth Degree and he will make quick progress, ' thought Boyce.

"You are right. Let's begin our cultivating." Boyce turned to read the martial skills written on the big stone wall. It didn't take much time for him to make a decision.

"Darren, I'll see you in three years," said Boyce.

"All right," Darren replied with a faint smile.

Boyce nodded slightly and left to look for a quiet place where he could practice the martial skill he had chosen without being disturbed by the others.

Only Darren was left in the open space now. He scanned the stone wall. Thousands of martial skills were recorded on it and all of them varied in levels. The best of them were the legendary martial skills. He scanned them half-heartedly.

At the moment, he was not very eager about choosing a proper martial skill. Darren was worried about a more pressing problem; he couldn't absorb spiritual energy.

"After three years of practicing, if I still have no cultivation base, I will be laughed at," Darren muttered to himself and sighed deeply. He felt honestly sorry for himself.

"Never mind that! I'll have to at least try!" Darren decided to get up his courage and absorb the spiritual energy from the world using his talent.

"Heh?" Darren stood there, surprised.

"The spiritual energy in this space is so rich and powerful. Besides, I didn't feel any pain from the sword intent and the blade intent. The two intents didn't battle each other. But why?" he paused and muttered to himself. And then, the answer struck him.

"Oh!" His eyes widened and he knew the reason now. "Our cultivation base was degenerated. Due to that, my sword intent and blade intent have disappeared," Darren said to himself.

Darren was shocked. 'What a terrifying space the Ancient Void Battlefield is! It could easily eliminate the sword intent and the blade intent!'

"The guardian has such powerful energy to make this happen," Darren whispered.

"Ha-ha. Young man. I am not as powerful as you think. You have cultivated conflicting martial skills. How can I suppress them? All is because of the Ancient Void Battlefield."

The voice didn't shock Darren, but it was surprising that the guardian had showed up again.

Darren cupped one hand in the other before his chest as a sign of respect. "Sir, how did you know that I am a sword and a blade cultivator? What makes the Ancient Void Battlefield so special?"

"Cultivating conflicting martial skills not only means cultivating sword and blade skills; it also means cultivating ice and fire, light and dark, justice and injustice and so on. There are thousands of conflicting skills.

But cultivating each of them is difficult in its own way because of the pressure from the conflicting nature of the skills. Once a cultivator br

ious Realm too, then the people who had a talent of the Heaven Degree could reach the Wonder Realm in just several months too, which was clearly impossible. The spiritual energy received because of one's talent was limited.

Soon, nine months passed and all the talents had been in the Ancient Void Battlefield for almost a year.

"Whoosh!" Darren opened his eyes and said, "I reached the ninth stage of the Mysterious Realm. If I had condensed the blade core or the sword core in this space, I would have reached the Wonder Realm already.

Now, it's time to practice the martial skills and condense the blade core and the sword core."

Saying that, he took out the two martial skills, read them and started practicing.

Since he had mastered the blade intent and the sword intent earlier, it was pretty easy for him to practice the skills. Only three months later, he was at the high level of the preliminary sword intent and the preliminary blade intent. The sword and blade intent were as powerful as those he had condensed outside the Ancient Void Battlefield.

He released his spiritual sense and searched for talents around him. There were six. The most powerful among the lot was weaker than him; that talent was at the preliminary stage of the Mysterious Realm.

"My strength is enough to kill a cultivator who is at the primary stage of the Wonder Realm using my sword and blade intent. I wonder how much my strength will be increased to when I reach the Wonder Realm." Just thinking about it excited him.

Now that he had cultivated the sword and blade intent, he decided to condense a sword core or a blade core. No matter which one he received, he would have a chance to reach the Wonder Realm.

"I wonder what will happen if I condense a sword core and a blade core at the same time to reach the Wonder Realm?" The idea came up to him out of the blue. Never had he condensed a blade core before.

As excitement flowed through him, he continued to practice the sword and blade intent. As soon as he reached the maximum level, he could condense the sword and blade core and reach the Wonder Realm.

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