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   Chapter 235 Entering The Ancient Void Battlefield

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In the palace, the qualifying battles had finished. The participants were among the top five hundred talents on the Talent Roll. Fifteen talents won the battle, so they were qualified to enter the Void Battlefield. Finally, fifteen qualified talents, twenty-one recommended talents, and fourteen superior talents were summoned in front of the Void Battlefield.

All the other participants stared at Darren with disdain. Even Tom Yi, the superior talent of Skywalker Alliance, began to question his decision about allowing Darren to take Betty's place. He thought that he should have refused Boyce's appeal in the first place. He was worried about whether the elder would censure him or not if Darren failed.

Meanwhile, a lot of people discussed that since fourteen superior talents entered the battlefield, the other people would not have advantages in the test. The fourteen superior talents ranked relatively high on the Talent Roll. The lowest-ranked talent was number ninety-two, while the highest-ranked one was number eighty-one.

In the quiet courtyard, the masters prepared for the start of the proceedings.

"It is time to do the speech." One of them used his spiritual sense to explore the Grand Void Manor.

"Hmm. You know, I think we should send our shadows to do it. There is no need to go there in person. It's not such an important event," another man replied with a faint smile on his face.

"Are you being too arrogant about it? Well, it sounds reasonable either way. Ha-ha. Brian, how about you go there?"

These people were none other than the Grand Realm warriors who the elder had mentioned before.

A deep furrow appeared between Brian's brows. In a split second, a horrifying shadow emerged from his body and flew towards the Void Battlefield.

The intense aura suddenly emitted from the sky up above frightened the young talents. They gazed at the shadow that appeared in the sky with utter awe, their mouths agape in horror.

"Sir..." They murmured, not knowing how to address him.

"It is nice to see you young talents here." His commanding presence and authoritative voice caught everyone's full attention. Everyone was silent, waiting for his next words. Brian continued, "The Ancient Void Battlefield has opened. It happened so fast that there is not much time left for you guys to prepare. But you must try your best to make it through.

I only have one request for you. When you reach the eleventh round, bring out as many Primitive Stones as you possibly can."

Hearing what Brian said, everyone felt giddy with excitement. It was the first time that most of the talents had ever heard a grand warrior talk to them. It was truly inspiring! When they heard the word "request", their faces grew solemn and resolute. They were determined to try their best to accomplish the

the other talents?

"All right. Bring them to the Ancient Void Battlefield," Brian ordered. He turned into a shadow and disappeared in the air.

Dozens of elders of the Grand Void Manor appeared in front of them, emitting powerful auras. They transferred their power together and opened a huge door.

Those talents followed one of the elders and flew through the huge door.

Suddenly a broad wasteland came into view. The setting sun was low in the sky, and a blast of chilly air blew toward them. Some of the talents shivered with nervousness.

"Everyone, follow my lead. Right now, what you are seeing is the outer space of the Ancient Void Battlefield. Our destination is close at hand," the elder who was leading the crowd explained.

They kept on flying in the sky until they reached a stone tower that was high up among the clouds. The elder gestured for them to stop, pointed at a narrow path and said, "That is the entrance of the Ancient Void Battlefield. After you enter its domain, you will have to undergo a serious of tests. Your real strength and power will determine how many rounds you can pass and how much treasure you can accumulate in the progress.

But don't feel distressed even if you don't manage to get anything. Your efforts are still appreciated and will be rewarded handsomely! For now, strive to grow stronger and do your best.

You should remember that the time limit is three months. Once that window is closed, you will be transferred out of here. I must remind you--never bite off more than you can chew. Before you want to enter the next test, know your true strength and make the right decisions. Otherwise, there is a high chance that your life will be on the line."

After hearing the elder's advice, the talents all beamed with anticipation. At his signal, they all soared into the narrow gap, ready to face their destinies.

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