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   Chapter 234 Exclusion

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"What on earth could be going on? Why are there so many superior talents here? Are they planning on taking the examination, too?"

Everyone was greatly puzzled.

"I never expected that the Ancient Void Battlefield would suddenly open. Surely, a few among you will be lucky to have the opportunity to enter it," the old man standing in the middle of the hall proclaimed at last.

"But what is the Ancient Void Battlefield?" Almost everyone was still confused, most of them never having heard of this before.

The elder from the Grand Void Manor explained its history in detail, and they finally understood it all. Once they found out about it, some of them grew quite excited, while others felt rather worried.

The Void Battlefield, according to the elder, was a broken space that had remained active since ancient times. It contained many treasures.

However, it was difficult to obtain these treasures, unless one could pass the grueling tests that arose as they challenged every step of the way.

In its very essence, the Void Battlefield was an assessment space.

For the longest time, it had opened every few months and allowed several geniuses to enter. Even so, the many talents who had attempted to reach its depths had gone no deeper than the periphery and were only able to compete with each other there for the treasures. The most important and vital part of the Void Battlefield was the Ancient Void Battlefield.

It opened every one hundred and eighty years. Legend said that its heritage was truly beyond shocking. It had been thousands of years since the Grand Void Manor was established and from the time of its birth, tremendously gifted talents had already ventured there, but not one of them acquired the real, great heritage.

If all went according to plan, the Ancient Void Battlefield was expected to open twenty years later. That was why its surprisingly early appearance startled many grand warriors.

The Void Battlefield opened only for one day. Only fifty warriors under the age of twenty-five would be permitted to enter. The moment they heard the news, a few grand warriors immediately gathered the superior talents under their command, fourteen in total.

Since it was a rare opportunity, the rest of the thirty-six places would be selected from the geniuses that happened to take the examination on ordinary martial skills today. Since there were hundreds of talents here, a quick selection must be carried out in order to guarantee the efficiency of the process. It was a disappointing blow to some of them. Here was a great opportunity right before their very eyes, but the chances of qualifying were slim for the more inferior ones. They felt really upset at missing this rare chance to try and prove themselves.

"Elder, what is the distribution of the rest thirty-six places? Are the winners decided on the arena?" a genius asked, confident in his strength.

The elder of Grand Void Manor just shook his head and replied, "Since time is limited, I have discussed with the lords present to draw up the selection mechanism."

The elder paused, and then added, "Twenty-one of the rest of the places will be recommended

Finally, he grudgingly agreed.

"What! How dare you give your precious place to such a worthless guy?" Don Zhou yelled loudly at Boyce and Betty. Since each alliance could recommend three geniuses, he had been the third chosen one of Skywalker Alliance.

"Don, you'd better keep your mouth shut! I have brought up the matter to Tom and he has already agreed." Boyce had always been on bad terms with Don Zhou.

"Humph, you bastard. I've watched you for a long time. If your decision proves a waste of time, you will suffer the consequences when you come back to Skywalker Alliance," Don Zhou said with venom.

Darren didn't take heed of his empty threats. He was in a place where his actions would speak much louder than his words.


Seven men were talking and drinking tea in a quiet yard of the Grand Void Manor.

"Chad, how could your disciples make the lad join your alliance? I hear that he didn't deserve to be on the Talent Roll," a big man sneered.

"Brian, are you gloating over me? Or are you laughing at me?" Chad Lou said with great displeasure.

Just now, it had been Brian You who proposed to exclude Darren from the qualifying battles. The other masters of the seven alliances also found that the reason why Darren was able to withdraw the warriors at the middle age of the Wonder Realm was that he had just cultivated a body refining skill, but his real power was only in the Mysterious Realm. How could he overcome the severe challenges in Ancient Void Battlefield? Based on this consideration, they concurred that excluding Darren right away was justifiable.

Then one man acted as a peacemaker. "Well, no more arguing. We can personally reiterate the decision later. By the way, if anyone of them reaches the eleventh round of Ancient Void Battlefield, there will be a sumptuous harvest."

"Good point. Many Primitive Stones are stored there. Chad, since you have Darren, the so-called super genius, I have a feeling that you will make a fortune this time. Ha-ha!" Another man laughed sarcastically. Well, they would have to wait and see just how things would turn out!

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