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   Chapter 232 Entering The Grand Void Manor (Part Two)

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"Here is the part you do not know about, sir. You're required to attend the assessment held in the Grand Void Manor before you're allowed to go to the Talent Battle Ring. Only the superior talents who make it to the top three of the test are qualified to go to the Talent Battle Ring.

And according to what I heard, this so-called assessment is extraordinarily hard. All the large forces always send huge amounts of talents to participate, but none of them pass based on past year's results."

"Is that really the case? Well then. Perhaps, I will find out myself when the time comes."


Guided by Ron, Darren found a secluded place to settle down. A month passed fairly quickly, and the day had finally come for the quarterly assessment to take place in the Grand Void Manor.

In the past month, Darren had been wholly immersed in practicing and understanding his power. He had made some substantial progress again.

Earlier that morning, Darren arrived at the Grand Void Manor under the explicit instructions Ron had given him.

The Grand Void Manor expanded over a few thousand acres, and it looked somewhat antiquated from the outside, as if it had experienced the hardships of history. Undoubtedly, it had stood the test of time.

Before stepping inside, Darren felt an indistinct rush of aura which was extremely strong. That aura was probably much more fierce than that of all the Holy Lords.

"Is it possible that there really are grand warriors present inside the Grand Void Manor?" Darren mumbled.

"I know right. Mr. Chu, do you not know that the master of Grand Void Manor is an extremely powerful grand warrior, despite the fact that not

for a while, he indeed found Darren's name at the four-hundred-and-sixty-third place.

This finding exceptionally surprised those guards. They had been guarding the Grand Void Manor for more than thirty years and yet they had never seen anyone at the Mysterious Realm within the top five hundred of the Talent Roll.

"We indeed found the name 'Darren', but in order to avoid the cases of people come under somebody else's name, please allow me to further examine your case, young man. Forgive me." Saying so, the guard pressed one of his hand on Darren's shoulder.

"The bone age is correct, the breath is correct, the described stage also corresponds with the person." The guard nodded his head slightly. The three areas he detected were all consistent with the description on the Talent Roll.

But to be sure, the guard also examined Darren's strength as the final test. When Darren demonstrated his blade intent and sword intent, the guard was totally convinced of his identity. Then the guard gave him a token and watched with admiration as Darren entered the main gate. What an impressive young man!

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