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   Chapter 231 Entering The Grand Void Manor (Part One)

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Talent City had seven major alliances. Historically, they were said to have been founded by grand warriors from all over the continent in the olden days. The Skywalker Alliance was one of them. Besides, there were a plethora of other alliances that were comparatively less powerful. The alliances were established by cultivators at the supreme stage of the Wonder Realm who were one step away from the Grand Realm.

All these alliances had one common goal—to recruit superior talents and convince them to join them.

When the Skywalker Alliance announced their title, they attracted the attention of quite a few people who had no hope in winning over Darren anymore. That was because Skywalker Alliance was ranked among the top three most powerful alliances. It was said that it had an extremely powerful grand warrior who entered the Grand Realm hundreds of years ago.

But grand warriors never came into sight easily. The truth behind whether these powerful alliances were really supported by grand warriors was a mystery to normal people.

On seeing that the powerful young man refused Skywalker Alliance's invitation, the bystanders all thought that he was simply being silly. Or perhaps, he rejected the offer because he had never heard of their reputation! There was a huge number of advantages associated with joining the Skywalker Alliance, and the most apparent one was that few people dared to cross their members in Talent City.

"Hey bro, you've just made the mistake of provoking a superior talent! Why not join our Blue Alliance? We will definitely do our utmost to protect you. Think about it and don't make decisions on impulse."

"No, no, our Luce Alliance also has a superior talent who ranked in the top one hundred. You do not need to be afraid of the Dean guy as long as you

his man just for rejecting the offers of the Alliances. In the first place, it was shocking enough for him to witness that Darren defeated a Wonder Realm cultivator albeit the fact that he was still at the Mysterious Realm. This young man was not predictable and certainly did not adhere to the conventions of the land.

"Forgive me, sir. I venture to ask if you are a top five hundred talent on the Talent Roll?"

"Eh? Why do you need to know so many details?"

"If you really are one of the top five hundred superior talents, it is not necessary for you to enter any of those forces. You can go to the Grand Void Manor directly. And after one month, all the superior talents of these forces tried to recruit will gather in the Grand Void Manor to participate in the assessment. You can go there directly by that time," Ron said.

"Assessment? I do not want to participate in any assessment. I only want to go to the Talent Battle Ring." Darren had been critically injured before, and he assimilated so much spiritual energy that his stage was not far away from the Wonder Realm. It was very urgent for him to procure the needed Primitive Stones, so he had to save time as much as possible.

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