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   Chapter 230 Flatter Darren

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"Sir, please stay out of this. I don't want to get you in trouble. He will let me go after beating me," Ron persuaded. Frustration reflected in his expression as he glanced at Darren. He felt grateful that Darren had stood up for him. But he didn't think that Darren could defeat the young man. After all, Darren was at the ninth stage of the Mysterious Realm while the youth was at the Wonder Realm.

Darren ignored Ron's request. Fearlessly, he stood in front of the young man.

'I hit this brat with a tremendous internal force that was supposed to break several of his bones. But he wasn't injured. How could it be possible?' Surprise and fury coursed through the young man as he thought.

"Brat, you've pissed me off. If that's what you were hoping for, then you've got your wish. I swear I will break all your bones," the young man declared through gritted teeth.

"Is that so? We'll see who breaks whose bones!" Darren responded flatly.


Darren unleashed an overwhelming power that matched the young man's momentum in terms of strength.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A hundred strong cultivators were startled by Darren's attack. Instantly, they released their spiritual sense to ascertain Darren's real strength. The result caught them by surprise and delighted them.

"Stop trying to perceive my strength. You've done it several times. Don't you know that it is rude to do so?" Darren frowned as he shouted.

The young man was getting on his nerves. Darren concentrated and dispelled the spiritual sense released by the strong cultivators.

Darren's response didn't piss off the young talents. Instead, they were excited.

"I made a mistake. This brat has strong internal force."

"This teenager is extraordinary. I almost missed such talent."

"Don't jump to conclusions. He hasn't shown his real strength, yet. But, I have a feeling that he is powerful. Ha-ha!"

These young people worked for grand warriors, and their task was to recruit outstanding geniuses in martial arts. Once they realized Darren's real strength, they eagerly debated amongst themselves. Everyone wanted a demonstration of his abilities to confirm their findings. If he were a superior talent, perhaps they would please their masters by recruiting Darren.

The young man's face reddened. 'This brat is stronger than he appears. What should I do? My strength has weakened after that last battle. Now, I am not in the best condition to fight someone so powerful. What will happen if I lose to this brat?

Failure would be less embarrassing than backing out. If I cede now, everyone in Talent City will despise me, ' he rationalized.

"What a cunning guy! You hid your cultivation base. Wait here. I need to restore my strength. When I return in an hour, I will break your bones!" the young man said as shame coursed through him.

"Are you afraid? Huh?" Darren laughed scornfully and snorted, "Who threatened to break my bones?"

"He is a coward. I thought he was strong."

"You fear a teenager at the Mysterious Realm? You're embarras

nely horrifying.

Darren's performance had certainly shocked them. 'Is he really just a teenager at the Mysterious Realm? He can match a superior talent.'

"I surrender. I surrender. Please let me go," the young man implored as his twisted, broken body lay motionless in the deep pit caused by his fall.

"Do you think I will let you go so easily? Would you have spared me if you had defeated me?" Darren asked as he stood beside the hole.

"What more do you want? I can give you spiritual herbs. How many do you want? Just name your price," the young man negotiated. He gnashed his teeth as pain overwhelmed him. However, his eyes still burned with fury. 'I must calm down and give this brat what he wants. Once I have escaped, I will ask other people to avenge me.'

"I don't need them," Darren said as he turned and released an overwhelming force that broke every bone in the young man's body. "This is your punishment," he said.

"Asshole! My brother will not spare you," the young man threatened as he groaned in pain.

Oblivious to his threats, Darren turned and walked away from the young man. 'Since it is against the rules to kill anyone in Talent City, I will spare his life.'

"S... Sir, you're in trouble," Ron said as he staggered toward Darren.

"What are you talking about?" Darren inquired calmly.

"I just recalled that he is Dean Chen's younger brother. I have heard that Dean is ranked 92nd on the Talent Roll. Run away from here. The farther, the better," Ron suggested. Although Ron could sense that Darren was more powerful than he had estimated, he didn't think that Darren was on par with superior talents on the Talent Roll.

"He is right. But you don't have to worry about Dean Chen. If you join the Skywalker Alliance, I will keep you safe," a teenager who wanted to recruit Darren proposed.

"Skywalker Alliance? I've never heard of it. No, thanks," Darren refused before turning and leaving.

On the way, Darren received several similar invitations, but he turned them down.

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