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   Chapter 229 Bullies Were Often Cowards

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There was an ancient city in the desert and its walls had gradually eroded away with time.

The streets were swarmed with people as Darren wandered around the city.

"Hello, sir. Are you here for some sightseeing? Do you want me to show you around the place?"

A messy man walked up to Darren and scanned him from head to toe with his narrow eyes.

"No," Darren simply replied.

"Oh, you should think about that again. There are so many rules and regulations in Talent City. You will get into trouble if you accidentally break any one of them. But you can rest easy if you have me around to help you out. And my price is fair—five superior spiritual herbs per day. What do you say, good sir?" He narrowed his eyes, wearing a cunning smile on his face.

"What kind of rules are you talking about?" Darren asked casually.

"There are many. For example, murder is forbidden in Talent City. And those who violate the rules are killed without question. But I can't tell you anything about the other rules. If I do, then I will become useless to you," the man said, laughing.

Darren cast a glance at him, then threw a hundred blades of superior spiritual herbs at him and asked, "What's your name?"

"Ha! Thank you so much, sir! You can call me Ron." Ron felt giddy from the excitement. It looked like luck was on his side that day. Darren had so generously given him such a huge quantity of spiritual herbs. When he had first laid eyes on Darren, he thought that Darren was some poor guy. 'Never judge a person from his appearance, ' Ron thought to himself and made sure to remember it in the future.

It was Darren's first time in the city. So, everything was completely alien to him. Darren eyed the man in front of him. He figured that Ron was probably proficient at this kind of thing and maybe had been doing this for a living for a long time. So, he imagined it wouldn't do him any harm listening to the guy. He knew the city well, after all.

"Who are those people up there?"

As Darren walked down the street, he sensed more than twenty people using their spiritual senses to survey him. When he looked up, he saw a bunch of young people on the roofs, dressed smartly. They wore vigilant expressions on their faces as they stared down at Darren.

"Oh, I can tell you about them." Ron cast a glance at the people on the roofs and continued, "Those aren't just ordinary citizens. I heard that they are the disciples of the grand warriors who've reached the Grand Realm, and that they were ordered to guard the place to look out for new geniuses. Since you are new here, they probably used their spiritual senses on you. Am I right?"

"Yes," Darren said with a faint smile on his face.

Ron said with a chuckle, "Sir, no offence, but you are only at the ninth stage of the Mysterious Realm. They will not be interested in you at all. They are probably looking for people who are at the top one hundred talents in the Talent Roll. Although, it will be amazing if they think you are good enough to join them."

"Huh? Why is that?" Darren didn't blame Ron for looking down on his cultivation base.

"I heard t

accident. Do you understand what that means? Fuck off!" the young man roared.

That attack earlier had come from this young man. If he had killed Ron by accident, he would have been punished for breaking the rules of Talent City.

When Ron saw the young man's fierce expression, he trembled in sheer terror and stammered, "I am so sorry for the trouble, sir. I did not notice the fight in the sky. Please forgive me. I beg for your mercy!"

Ron was almost in tears, feeling helpless. Since his cultivation base was only at the first stage of the Mysterious Realm, he couldn't afford to offend anyone in Talent City. He clearly knew that if he accidentally offended any of them, even if they couldn't kill him because of the rules of the city, it was absolutely certain that he would suffer a lot of pain and torture.

"Humph! Enough of your stupid excuses! I will teach you a lesson today!" As he finished saying that, the young man raised the long black whip in his hand.

"Stop it!" Darren yelled. He sent a powerful force towards the young man, and the whip was thrown to the ground. Staring at him coldly, Darren said, "He is only at the first stage of the Mysterious Realm. He wouldn't be able to avoid your intense power even if he tried his best. You know what I think? I think that you are just so humiliated that you couldn't defeat the young man you were fighting, and now, you want to vent your bottled anger on this poor guy!"

Hearing Darren's words, the young man seethed with anger.

But before he could say anything, Darren gave a cold snort and continued, "I have never seen such a loser in my life. Are you really proud about bullying a cultivator at the first stage of the Mysterious Realm? Shame on you! But if you want to play, I will be glad to play with you."

Hearing his sarcastic comments, the young man's face grew red with rage. He emitted a strong aura from all over his body. He wanted to overwhelm Darren and make him kneel in front of him.

But, he was completely dumbfounded by what happened after. He had a look of desperation on his face.

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