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   Chapter 228 Arriving At Talent City

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Darren searched in front of the Black Cliff of Sword Intent for a very long time, and he finally found a demonic monster cub. From the look of it, it hadn't been born so long ago. But from its aura, Darren could tell that it was a level six demonic monster.

Knowing that it was still quite a formidable opponent, Darren didn't dare approach the demonic monster hastily. He knew that if he wasn't careful, he would be torn apart in a flash.

He stayed still, observing the demonic monsters for a very long time. He found that they all appeared to be very hungry, and they were rooting around for spiritual herbs to eat. They also killed other weaker demonic monsters and ate them. There was blood everywhere.

The cub that Darren had spotted seemed to be a demonic monster that ate spiritual herbs. Darren cautiously took out a few superior spiritual herbs to try to draw its attention. He held them out, holding his breath.

These superior spiritual herbs meant nothing to the powerful demonic monsters. But for a young demonic monster cub, they were quite enticing.

It looked at the spiritual herbs in Darren's hand, then slowly walked towards him in a stumbling way, like a chubby little tiger. Looking at its beautiful big watery eyes, Darren couldn't help but soften immediately. He didn't have the heart to kill it anymore.

"Purr..." The little cub looked at Darren in a curious way, but it couldn't pass the Black Cliff of Sword Intent as humans did.

So Darren used his fastest speed to take the demonic monster cub out of the Black Cliff of Sword Intent, in case other powerful demonic monsters would try to attack him.

"Purr." The cub smelled the superior spiritual herbs in Darren's hand, and started jumping around him in a happy way.

"All right. Just eat the spiritual herbs. After that, I will send you back. I don't have the heart to kill you." Darren couldn't help but smile warmly when he saw the cub this happy.

Then the demonic monster cub ate the spiritual herbs, and started rubbing its face on Darren's thigh.

All of a sudden, a very dangerous aura appeared before him. Before Darren could register what was happening, a sharp pain hit him hard. It was from his thigh. He looked down in shock. The cub had bitten him!

The chubby cub showed its frightening sharp teeth. Its face became dangerous and evil.

"Stupid human! I will eat you alive!" The demonic monster growled frighteningly. Its muscles also became bigger and stronger. It was no longer the cute cub it had been just now.

'How stupid of me to be fooled by a demonic monster!' Darren immediately took a few steps back. At the same time, his blade and sword in

t Mathew transported me in the wrong place." Darren shook his head and sighed. It was lucky for him that he had already memorized the whole continent in his head. So it wouldn't be too difficult for him to find the Talent City.

'It's a shame that I don't get to tell Elsa where I am. She must be worried right now.' Darren felt bad. But he couldn't do anything about it, at least not for now. He had to get to Talent City as soon as possible. He geared up to fly north, setting off at a fast speed.


Meanwhile, in the Holy Land of the Blade Holy Land, Holy Lord Diana and Holy Lord Bryan had been fighting for a few days. The entire Blade Holy Land was swept up in a chaotic mess.

Finally, Holy Lord Diana lost. Right when she was about to use her final strength to destroy everything, a powerful old martial artist came out and stopped her.

The Holy Land was a sacred place. Of course, people in charge of this place wouldn't let things get even worse.

It was easy to stop their fight. But it wasn't easy to get rid of the hatred between them. Holy Lord Diana was still furious, and the Holy Lord Bryan also claimed that he would destroy the Lotus Holy Land.

By now, Elsa had realized that Darren had gotten away. She immediately understood that he must have gotten in the Black Cliff of Sword Intent. It meant that he was safe at least. Knowing this, she couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief.

After Darren had flown full speed for a few days in the North Desert, he finally saw a huge city looming on the horizon.

"Good! I've finally arrived at my destination!" Darren was beaming with excitement as he surveyed the area. It was the start of his journey towards being able to finally use the Primitive Stones to fuse his sword and blade intent!

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