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   Chapter 227 The Primitive Stone Containing The Heavenly Repression Rule

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Darren had fled and left in his wake some aggressive words. It almost drove the Holy Lord of the Blade Holy Land mad.

'His cultivation is only at the Mysterious Realm! This boy is as weak as an ant, but he killed my two sons. He's my sworn enemy, how can I let this bastard escape?' He gritted his teeth, regretting that he didn't take the opportunity to kill Darren before.

The Holy Lord of the Blade Holy Land waved his blade angrily and smashed the entire training ground with strong blade intent. He roared, venting his anger.

"Bryan is going mad. I had better go now," Waldo, the rule cultivator in purple robe said to himself. Afraid of Bryan's furious resentment, he left rapidly using his secret skill.

He felt a sense of foreboding when he looked back the line of words written in blood.

After the rule cultivator had left, several powerful entities emerged from the sky. They were the Holy Lords from all of the Holy Lands.

"You are too arrogant, Bryan! How dare you threaten to slaughter the disciples of my Holy Land?"

"Bryan, are you sure you don't take us seriously?"

"You better give us an explanation, otherwise, I won't mind killing you here and now!"

The thunderous angry voices echoed throughout the entire Blade Holy Land.

Bryan stopped and stood in mid-air, motionless. His face remained unchanged as he stared at them. But the elders of the Blade Holy Land were all frightened. They regretted their previous actions. Oh, how they wished they'd tried their best to dissuade their Holy Lord.

"Don't you want to explain, huh?" The Holy Lord Landon walked forward in the sky.

He was the strongest among the eight great Holy Lords. But Scott might be as strong as Landon after he refined the Dragon Saliva Fruit.


Suddenly, a shadow of green lotus rushed towards the Holy Lord of Blade Holy Land.

"Diana?" some of the Holy Lords exclaimed.

They looked intently at her and observed that her eyes were glazed over with total fury.

Bryan activated his blade intent and dodged the attack in a flash.

"You want to kill me? Come on, kill me!" Bryan shouted.

He launched into a fierce battle with Diana at once.

The violent power of the two Holy Lords' combat made the earth shake and the air tremble. The other Holy Lords looked around at each other with uncertainty. This was going to be a chaotic event!


After being grabbed by the giant hand, Darren was transported to the Black Cliff of Sword Intent in a flash.

The attacks from the Holy Lord of the Blade Holy Land had wounded him terribly. He felt that his whole body was falling apart and that he had no trace of strength left in his body.

"Mathew... Sir..." Darren whispered in a weak voice. A dignified old man appeared in front of him right away.

"Darren! What happened to you? Why are you so badly injured?" Mathew was shocked by Darren's appearance.

"I, I..." Darren opened his mouth, but he didn't even have any more strength to speak.

"Stop talking and get into the Starry Tower right now!"


ent had grown to the ninth level of the Earth Degree. He admitted that Darren's progress was awesome, but he didn't probe about how it came about. After all, everyone had a right to keep his own secret.

"You're such a genius boy, Darren! An old man like me is fortunate to meet you. Ha-ha-ha," Mathew laughed happily.

"You're too kind, sir. I'm not that good." Darren was somewhat embarrassed.

"By the way, if you succeed in the top 100 of the Talent Roll, the Grand Realm warriors will very likely come to you and ask you to help them get the Primitive Stones they need. At that time, you don't have to refuse, just promise them you'll do your best. What they want will certainly not be the Primitive Stone containing the Heavenly Repression Rule. And establishing good ties is an advantageous thing.

It will be good for you to make friends with some of the grand warriors. Even if you can't accomplish their request, you have nothing to lose," Mathew told him.

"I've heard about that. It will depend," Darren said. Scott had mentioned such proceedings before.

"Well, I have to go now, Darren. I won't disturb you any longer since you need to focus on your preparation. It's not easy to qualify for the top 100 of the Talent Roll. Just summon me when you're ready to go," Mathew's figure faded away as he waved goodbye.

After Mathew left, Darren went to the Black Cliff of Sword Intent and watched the vast number of demonic monsters scurrying about. He had only two steps to complete the body refining. There were so many demonic monsters here. Maybe, he could find a level six demonic monster to help him accomplish the organ refining stage!

'Wow! These demonic monsters look dreadful. They must be stronger than both the North Monster King and the Divine Bull King, ' Darren thought in surprise. He hadn't expected them to be so formidable. He stood in front of the Black Cliff of Sword Intent, looking for the smallest and weakest demonic monster carefully. In his mind, a plan quickly began to take shape.

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