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   Chapter 226 Words Written In Blood

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Darren helplessly rushed towards Bruce—he could not bear to just stand by and watch him die.

The moment Darren released the blade intent and the sword intent, all eyes were on him, including the eyes of the Holy Lord of the Blade Holy Land, who knew immediately that he was the murderer.


The Holy Lord kicked the unconscious Bruce aside. Since the person who was responsible for the murder had showed up, he was not interested in killing innocent people anymore.

"Everyone get out of the way!" the top elder of the Blade Holy Land cried out in earnest. He heaved a sigh of relief and just wanted to send all the others away at once, to avoid the risk of more excellent disciples from the other Holy Lands getting killed.

Bryan, the Holy Lord of the Blade Holy Land, had already killed two ordinary disciples from the Void Holy Land. If properly managed, they wouldn't have to face any wars whatsoever. However, he had also killed an elder at the advanced stage of the Wonder Realm from the Lotus Holy Land, which the Lotus Holy Land would undoubtedly not turn a blind eye against. So, from thereon out, it would be best to avoid any more deaths of members from the other Holy Lands.

All the people present were extremely frightened at the terrifying madness of Bryan, the Holy Lord of the Blade Holy Land. So, when they heard the top elder bellow out the command, the relief they felt was immeasurable⁠—they felt like they were given a reprieve. They all then quickly escaped, led by their elders.

Too preoccupied with Darren, the Holy Lord of the Blade Holy Land paid no heed to the fleeing disciples of the Lotus Holy Land.

In just a matter of a few minutes, the training ground of the Blade Holy Land had become empty save for Darren, the Holy Lord, and a few other disciples.

Even Elsa had to leave⁠. She knew that she was of little help to Darren in there⁠—she might even drag him down and be the cause of his demise. She tearfully and reluctantly left, bringing along the beaten up Bruce. She then suddenly thought of rushing back to the Lotus Holy Land to ask the Holy Lord for backup.

'Just hold on for a little while, Darren, ' Elsa prayed for him in her heart. She flew to the transmission array as fast as she could. Once she informed the Holy Lord of Lotus Holy Land of the emergency, Darren would be saved. This was the only way to save him.

It would take Elsa at least half an hour in the transmission array to arrive at the Lotus Holy Land and deliver the message to the Holy Lord, while it would only take a few seconds⁠—just a blink of an eye, even⁠—for Holy Lord Bryan to kill Darren.

Elsa shook her head to get rid of the

the rule cultivator's eyes widened in shock. He stared at the scene, not quite understanding what was happening.

"Waldo, good job! I'm sorry I have underestimated your strength! Torture him harder before the other Holy Lords arrive!" The Holy Lord grinned maniacally, feeling a great pleasure at the sight of Darren in pain.

"No!" Waldo exclaimed. He had sensed that his Spiritual Secret Skill was being blocked by something, a faint trace of it bouncing back. But he didn't want to admit to the Holy Lord that something was wrong. He had comforted himself that it was merely an illusion and nothing more.

However, now seeing the bizarre scene in front of him, he had come to the profound realization that Darren was a strange fellow.

"I didn't make this. It contains an awful air of a rule cultivator!" Waldo's eyebrows were furrowed in a mixture of shock and confusion.


The Holy Lord of the Blade Holy Land began to grow suspicious, so he sent powerful blade intent towards Darren.

A big hand suddenly appeared out of nowhere, grabbed Darren, and disappeared as fast as it had appeared.

"This... I..." Waldo was speechless, mouth gaping open as words left him.

"Goddamn it! That goddamned bastard! I'm going to tear him to pieces! Ah!"

The rage of the Holy Lord of the Blade Holy Land made the entire training ground shake. Even the rule cultivator was forced to take a few steps back by the stormy murderous intent that emanated from the Holy Lord.

With blood-red eyes, the Holy Lord of the Blade Holy Land glared at the place where Darren was just a few seconds ago. In it appeared a line of words written in blood:

"I swear I will kill you when we meet again!"

The words felt like a sharp knife, stabbing at the Holy Lord's pride.

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