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   Chapter 225 Crazy Revenge (Part Two)

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What was more, Elsa and Bruce might get involved in this if Darren didn't confess.

Bryan's power was too strong. Once Darren stepped forward, he had no chance of fighting back and would be killed in the blink of an eye. Hesitance coursed through Darren at that thought.

After considering all his alternatives, he decided to protect the others. Either way, the crazed Holy Lord would not be appeased till he got his vengeance.

Without wasting any more time, Darren took one step forward. This one tiny step attracted countless eyes. Bryan and his helpers immediately focused their attention on Darren.

Just as Darren was about to confess, a man rushed out at lightning speed, and shouted, "It's me. I am the murderer. Come at me, jerk."

Immediately, everyone present looked in the direction of the man. The man was none other than Bruce.

"Well, good."

"Teach him a lesson before I interrogate the bloke," Bryan turned and spoke to his associates.

In an instant, a dozen powerful people released attacks aimed at Bruce.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

When the attacks stopped, Bruce lay motionless on the ground. His whole body was covered in injuries, and blood gushed all over the floor.

"Bring the trash to me," Bryan ordered.

An elder flew to the dying Bruce, grabbed him by the collar, and dragged him to Bryan.

At this moment, everyone on the training ground became silent. They did not dare to utter a word. However, most were quite happy and felt relieved. Some silently reprimanded Bruce, for he almost got everyone involved and killed. Some thought Bruce was a traitor who had committed towering crimes and deserved more than death. Even t

er Holy Lands' disciples to find the murderer?

On the one hand, they had insufficient strength to confront other Holy Lands simultaneously. On the other hand, people who broke clan laws and declared wars were executed. They didn't want to die with Bryan.

"Holy Lord, stop. This is enough. Are you crazy?" One of the strongest elders from Blade Holy Land held Bryan's hand as he tried to dissuade him from further action.

"Get out of my face. Do I need you to tell me what to do? Go away." As anger blinded the Blade Holy Lord, he spoke with the elder disrespectfully.

"Trash, listen carefully. Show up, or your friend will go to hell." Then, he grabbed Bruce by the throat. Murderous intent emanated from the Blade Holy Lord.

"Fuck you. You asshole. It's me. I killed the two idiots. Come at me, you son of a bitch." Sickened by Bryan's behavior, Darren cursed as he stepped out from among the crowd. Seeing that one elder had died because of him, Darren was rather sad. He couldn't bear Bryan's atrocity anymore, and so, he shot a surge of blade intent and sword intent at Bryan as he ran forward.

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