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   Chapter 222 Replay The Scenes

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"Hump! You are as weak as an ant! Do you think you can win in a fight against me?" Although the blade cultivator sensed Darren's incredible strength, he still taunted him.

Darren's avatars confronted the cold blade intent formed by the Omnipotent Talent Skill. The shock of the impact caused the underground palace to tremble, and the black pungent lake water to surge as though it was the end of the world.

"What?" The blade cultivator was shocked by the result. The attack by Darren's avatars had weakened his Omnipotent Talent Skill by more than half.

"How powerful is his body? This guy is extraordinary!"

In the brief moment that the blade cultivator lamented over his opponent's strength, a figure shot toward him. Intense blade intent and sword intent enveloped the blade cultivator.

Surprised, the blade cultivator swung his blade wildly and released his blade intent. What astonished him was that even though his blade cultivation had reached the high level of preliminary blade intent, he had merely balanced his opponent's integrated power of the blade intent and the sword intent. Anxiety coursed through the blade cultivator. 'Considering his current strength, this guy is just a little bit weaker than I am. If he has any other powerful skills, he will defeat me!

It is remarkable, though. I can sense that this guy is at the top level of the ninth stage of the Mysterious Realm. And yet, he has such excellent fighting strength. It is incredible and shocking!' the blade cultivator surmised.

At that moment, Darren appeared to be at ease, but his body was in terrible pain. He had been injured by the blade cultivator's powerful blade intent. However, he had no other choice but to fight back. At his current cultivation strength, it was difficult for him to kill a cultivator at the middle stage of the Wonder Realm. Even if he could win the battle after a long hard fight, Darren would not have any effective way to kill his opponent if his opponent decided to flee.

'I have to kill him quickly. Other stronger cultivators may have noticed the strong force that was caused by the fight a moment ago. If they come to the blade cultivator's aid, I will be doomed, ' Darren thought.

Although he was fighting with the blade cultivator, Darren contemplated his options.

'Well, how about my spiritual attack?' The idea occurred to Darren. Although he did not learn any real skills of spiritual attacking, his Spirit Power had reached the eighteenth level. He could gain an advantage in this fight if he leveraged his Spirit Power.

Without further hesitation, Darren used his spiritual sense to release a powerful Spirit Power attack and aimed it at the blade cultivator.

A Spirit Power attack was different from a mind attack as the former was aimed at a person's soul.

'What? What is that? Is this guy a rule cultivator as well?' The blade cultivator felt a sharp pain in his head, which lasted only a split second.

Darren had not learned a real Spirit Power attack skill, so he could only relea

Oh? Bryan, are you begging me? I never expected that you would be reduced to such a position. Ha-ha!" Waldo Wan said with a smug laugh.

"Mr. Wan, please use your omnipotent skill to help me find a person. If you can assist me, I will give you the item you have always wanted."

"Really? Are you serious?" Waldo was most delighted with Bryan's proposal. He replied, "You are ready to offer me the Eight Corners Tripod? If so, I will come to you. This better not be a joke. If you dare to fool me, you will regret it!"

"I swear this is no trick. Come here, quick!" Bryan did not say anything else. He just urged Waldo to hurry.

After a quarter of an hour or so, the rule cultivator in purple appeared in front of the Holy Lord of Blade Holy Land.

"Bryan, I can sense that the person you are looking for is still in Blade Holy Land. But to detect his face, I will need to use my arcane skill." The rule cultivator in the purple robe was powerful. He could replay transpired scenes using his arcane skill as long as the person hadn't left more than ten hours ago.

However, using the arcane skill would come at a high cost to the rule cultivator. So, he never practiced it carelessly.

"Please find him for me. l am going to make his life a living hell!" Bryan's voice was as cold as ice and full of killing intent.

Waldo sat still until Bryan threw him the said tripod as part of the deal. Overjoyed, the rule cultivator put it in his pocket before using his arcane skill.

"Look carefully and remember his features," Waldo released his Spirit Power, and the space around him started to warp into many whirlpools. Slowly, each scene played out in front of Bryan, one by one.

The picture of his fat son being killed, and the killer who fought against the blade cultivator at the middle stage of the Wonder Realm repeated themselves. The Holy Lord of Blade Holy Land, Bryan, had seen the events with his own eyes as if he had been a bystander when Darren was fighting with his son and the blade cultivator.

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