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   Chapter 221 Fighting With A Cultivator At The Middle Stage Of Wonder Realm

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Shortly after Darren left, two graceful figures stepped out of the shadows. One wore a green dress, while the other wore a purple gown.

"Hailey, this guy has a strong sense of justice," the purple-clad girl said to the beauty in green, who stood beside her. A bright smile shone on the girl's face.

The beauty in the green dress was more charming than the girl in purple. She had an attractive posture and exquisite features. Her pale complexion was perhaps her only flaw. If Darren saw her, he would be reminded of the fabulous woman who mysteriously appeared after the fight at the Ilmen Sect had ended.

"Callie, how did he behave in your illusion world?" she asked.

Callie grinned when she heard the question. With a sly expression, she answered, "The illusion world is full of prurience. How could I, an innocent girl, spy on what's going on inside?"

"Don't play games with me. You control the illusion world, and you know what happens in it," Hailey said as she gently patted Callie's head.

"Eh, well... He used his Spirit Power to escape my illusion world. However, in the time that he was in the illusion world, his behavior was quite different from an ordinary person's. He was not easily tempted even if he didn't use his Spirit Power, and I had to force him," Callie reported sincerely.

Hailey nodded with admiration.

"Hailey, I wonder why you asked our master to find his location. Why do you want to follow him?" Callie asked with curiosity.

"I'm waiting for him to become a superior talent," Hailey said with a heavy sigh. She took several gentle steps forward and peered into the dark space.

"You mean... Is he the one who our master predicted to be..." Callie murmured as she stared at Hailey's back with disbelief.

In the meantime, Darren slowly moved forward in the darkness. After he encountered and successfully avoided several guards, he entered a basement under a large hall.

The underground passage appeared to stretch without an end.

After walking for a long time, Darren frowned. Darkness was all that he could see. There were no traces of light anywhere. There were no guards either.

"Huh... Something is wrong," he murmured. Sensing the strangeness of the place, Darren released his Spirit Power to scan his surroundings. Finally, he realized that he was trapped in an illusion maze.

"No wonder I can't get out of here. A rule cultivator has set up an illusion maze here," Darren sneered. Then he mobilized his Spirit Power to try to destroy the spell of the illusion maze. Several seconds later, Darren had broken the maze.

The oil lamps on both sides of the passage suddenly lit up. Darren concealed his breath and continued to move forward. After a short while, he reached a stone house where several Blade Holy Land disciples were drinking.

"They overestimate the illusion maze and erroneously believe that it can trap me," Darren mumbled.

In the blink of an eye, Darren had placed himself in the room. He had traveled so quickly that the disciples did not notice him. Several bright rays of blade aura flashed before the room filled with the agonized screams of the disciples. When the battle ended, only one disciple was alive.

Since Darren was in the Blade Holy Land, he intentiona

's, he didn't hurt him. On the contrary, he had been hurt by him.

Finally, the blade cultivator decided to use his Omnipotent Talent Skill—the Icy Blade Array. With a roar, he released the skill. The temperature around the lake dropped abruptly, and the huge lake froze. "You bastard! Feel my Omnipotent Talent Skill—Icy Blade Array!"

Before Darren could fathom what had happened, the water around him froze and trapped him. What was more terrible was that the ice was filled with powerful blade intent, which kept attacking him.


With no options to escape, Darren's only choice was to try and break the ice. After a few seconds, his attack worked! The ice shattered, and Darren transformed into a beam of light as he headed for the blade cultivator at lightning speed.

"Ha-ha! Little bastard! I am going to rip you to pieces!" The blade cultivator laughed when he saw Darren shooting out of the lake. He was quite confident that he could beat the intruder. Holding a long blade enveloped with intense chills, the blade cultivator charged toward Darren.

"Let's finish the fight!" Darren roared.

With closed eyes, Darren began the process of transforming into a fiend. A powerful demonic internal force was released from his palms.

At the same time, his eyes turned sliver-white. He was using his skill—the Blood Dragon Phantom.

In the blink of an eye, eight duplicates of Darren appeared in the space above the lake. Each had a powerful demonic internal force and blade intent. Darren, along with the eight avatars, moved in the blade cultivator's direction with sharp killing intent.

"Huh!" When the blade cultivator saw this, shock was written all over his face. But he quickly calmed down.

He quickly wielded his blade. The air around him froze, forming several intangible blades with chilly coldness. After that, he flew toward the lake at astonishing speed. The Omnipotent Talent Skill was the blade cultivator's strongest attack skill.

"Oh, this is not good! His skill is incredible!" Darren exclaimed. It was his turn to be astonished. He summoned the eight duplicates and prepared to defend against the blade cultivator's attack.

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