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   Chapter 220 The Death Of Another Son Of The Holy Lord

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Darren leaped aside as soon as he sensed an overwhelming blade intent rushing toward him. He had to avoid the attack at the fastest speed he was capable of as he was no match for a warrior at the advanced stage of Wonder Realm.

A deafening noise filled the room before it split into halves. If Darren had delayed by even a fraction of a second, he would have been cut into halves by the forceful blade intent as well.

"It's strange! I felt another sword intent here."

Darren had come to this room as he had sensed a faint sword intent emanating from it. The faint sword intent intensified when the warrior at the advanced stage of Wonder Realm attacked him.

Darren released his spiritual sense to search again. Soon, he found a metal box hidden under the floor clefts. The faint sword intent he had sensed was coming from this box.

Darren darted toward the box and snatched it. Without wasting another minute, he turned and leaped into the pitch dark sky.

"Stop! Running is pointless. I will hunt you and kill you!"

A voice roared behind Darren as another strong blade intent was launched against him.

But Darren summoned his Shadow Lightness and Wind Rule skills to escape the attack. He even concealed his aura to avoid being detected by his pursuer.

A short while later, Darren landed somewhere deep in the palace and hid till he felt safe. After checking his surroundings, he opened the metal box he had found in the room. A brilliant smile flashed on his face as soon as he saw its contents.

"What a surprise! I've been dreaming of these objects for a long time."

Darren uttered with excitement when he saw the sword intent fragments in the box. These would help him to enter the Black Cliff of Sword Intent.

Darren had to visit the Starry Tower before going to the Raksa Sea as he needed Mathew's advice on how to use the Primitive Stone. He never expected to find the sword intent fragments that would give him access to the Black Cliff of Sword Intent. This unexpected gift delighted him a lot.

"Wow, it seems that Lady Luck is on my side today," Darren chirped.

Darren lingered in his hiding place a little longer to pack all the fragments perfectly. Then he leaped onto the roof like a phantom. He had come to the Blade Holy Land in search of Elder Thomas. After he achieved his goal, he would go to the Starry Tower.

Darren combed the palace for quite a while. He sensed several sword intents of various levels in the palace. However, they originated from the dwelling area of disciples from different Holy Lands. He sensed nothing beyond those places.

"This isn't working. I cannot find Elder Thomas like this. I have to find somebody to get some information," murmured Darren in frustration.

Motivated by his new plan, Darren began to look for someone who lived alone and who could offer him some useful information.

"Dig out his eyes!"

Darren heard a man's voice as he passed a room. Oddly enough, the voice was laced with excitement even though the command was cruel.

"This is exciting. I like this game! Smash his belly. I want something more dramatic!"

"Wow, his guts are all over the floor. This is disgusting! Can't you show some mercy to this man? You're cruel. But I like it."

These words piqued Da

he Black Water Dungeon."

Darren frowned. As expected, they had indeed captured and imprisoned Elder Thomas. To frighten the man and verify his information, Darren cut off his other hand. With clenched teeth, Darren said, "This is a warning. If you dare to lie to me, you'll pay gravely for your dishonesty."

Extreme pain brought sweat to the man's forehead. But he did not dare to scream. He nodded his head in succession as tears rolled down his eyes. His voice trembled as he replied, "I have told you everything I know, and these are the facts. I didn't lie to you, sir. Please believe me!"

Darren released his Spirit Power to probe the man's mind to check whether he was lying or not. Confident that the man had told him the truth, Darren asked for the location of the Black Water Dungeon.

Since Darren had searched most of the palace previously, he was sure that he would have no trouble finding the Black Water Dungeon. After sharing where the dungeon was located, the fat man told Darren that a warrior at the middle stage of the Wonder Realm with excellent martial arts skills guarded it.

"That's good. Tell me everything I need to know," Darren uttered coldly.

"Yes, sir. I'm being honest with you, sir. Please let me go now. Please." The man begged like a dog. But the fierceness in his eyes revealed his cruel nature.

"Let you go? You're a bastard, just like your dead older brother. An animal without a human side. Do you think that I will let you go?"

"What? You killed my brother. It was you? Help..." The fat man called for help as soon as he understood that he had no chance of survival. A glaring light flashed as Darren swung his blade toward the man's neck. His head rolled to the ground before he could finish his words.

Darren knocked the maids kneeling on the floor unconscious before he left. None of them would wake up for half a month. As for the two maids who had smiled cheerfully while watching the bloody fighting show, Darren killed them without hesitation.

Then, Darren leaped into the sky like lightning.

Now that he knew where Black Water Dungeon was located, there was no need for Darren to waste his time in this room.

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