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   Chapter 218 The Stealth (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-10-28 14:48

Although he had eagerly sought signs of sword intent and should have been overjoyed by his discovery, surprise reflected in Darren's expression.

A prisoner like Elder Thomas should be held in some nasty and sordid jail instead of in such a luxurious and spectacular palace.

Although confused, he hurried toward the palace. After all, this was the only sword intent that Darren had detected so far.

The palace was bigger than he expected. After passing through several rooms, Darren finally located the area where the sword intent had originated.

However, just as he was about to push the door open, a lewd, prurient chuckle was heard from the room.

Before he could react, the bed began to squeak, and the sound of heavy breathing seeped into the hall where Darren stood.

'I have come at an awkward time!' Darren instinctively drew back the hand he had stretched forward to open the door.

After a little while, a man spoke. "My Lady, I am exhausted. Can I take a little break?"

'Madam?' Darren couldn't help but wonder about the identities of the people inside the room. It seemed to him that a disciple was having an illicit affair with an elder's wife. Darren knew that the man was a young disciple by his voice. Hesitation coursed through Darren as he wondered whether he should leave or stay and listen to their conversation to figure out their identities. Before Darren reached a decision, the young man finished making love to the woman. The wobbling sound of the bed had ceased, and silence filled the hall.

Darren felt that this man had nothing to do with Elder Thomas, and so, it was best not to waste his time.

However, before he could turn and leave, Darren heard the man ask the woman, "My Lady, between the Holy Lord and I, who gives you more pleasure?"

"You do, of course. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been captivated by you, my sweetheart!" The woman spoke at last.

The obscene remark astonished Darren.

are welcome to try and stop me," Darren replied. Darren then released his blade and sword intent. In the blink of an eye, a blazing aura emanated from Darren and filled the room.

Having reached such a high realm, the woman was experienced enough to sense that Darren's strength was no lower than that of a cultivator at the middle stage of the Wonder Realm. Now, it was the woman's turn to be astonished. Given the situation, she could no longer continue with her plan to kill Darren. She knew that once they started fighting, they would alert the others, and her secret would be revealed. The situation was not in her favor. However, Darren was an outsider, who had snuck into the palace. He would not want to be discovered either. Since there was still a way to save herself, the woman began to bargain.

"You have sword intent in you. That means that you are not a disciple of the Blade Holy Land. Why have you snuck into the palace at this hour at night?" she questioned, vivid antagonism laced her voice.

Darren smiled when he realized that she was ready to concede. "I already told you. I need information, and you need to keep a secret. If you don't think this is a fair deal, you can go ahead and see if you have the capability to stop me," Darren said as he glared at the woman.

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