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   Chapter 217 The Stealth (Part One)

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'Have they somehow detected our true identities?' Darren grew worried. He knew that something was wrong.

His forehead furrowed as he contemplated their situation. The recommendation letter he held in his hand had been written by a respected elder from Dragon Holy Land. It was supposed to allow them entry into the competition. Since the letter was not fake, why were these people stopping them?

Darren tried to determine the reason by pretending to be offended. Displeasure laced his voice as he remarked, "You worthless disciples! How dare you prevent the disciples of Dragon Holy Land from entering? You will regret your behavior today." Darren glared at the disciples, trying to intimidate them with his threatening words.

However, the two men did not show the slightest signs of fear. Instead, they laughed at Darren's bravado. "What can you do to us if we refuse entry to you? Where did you get the recommendation letter, anyway? Read it, boy! The letter says that the principal disciple of Dragon Holy Land is at the top level of the Wonder Realm primary stage, not some weak and frail boy from the Mysterious Realm like you," one of them taunted. As he spoke, his remarks were followed by an obnoxious chortle from the other guy.

Darren peered at the letter.

His eyes widened when he realized that the recommendation letter specified the realm of the fighter selected to participate in the competition. Thinking back, this embarrassing situation must have been caused because the Dragon Holy Land's elder had seen Darren defeat three prominent fighters single-handedly. The elder believed that Darren belonged to the top level of the Wonder Realm primary stage and mentioned his realm in the letter. But the fact was that he was still in Mysterious Realm.

Darren sensed that he needed to show his skills to the disciples to get into the competition ground. Mere explanation by words would be a waste of time and might not change the disciples' minds. So, without another word, Darren released his spiritual power to demonstrate his ability. A gust of strong power s

ucky that they captured Alan before Elder Thomas. Otherwise, they might have beheaded Elder Thomas first. If that were the case, Elsa would be utterly devastated and inconsolable!' Darren mused. Darren could have come to their rescue several months earlier. However, he did not act until now as his strength was weak, and he was afraid of the consequences of provoking the Blade Holy Land at such a troubled time. Any hasty action would have alerted the disciples and caused more harm to Elder Thomas.

So, Darren had waited patiently. He used this time to pay close attention to the matter and work on his skills. Once he felt that he had become strong enough to win against his enemy, Darren headed for Blade Holy Land. Coincidentally, he arrived at the same time as the annual martial arts competition at Blade Holy Land. As the event attracted cultivators from all over, Darren could enter without much difficulty.

While searching through the area, Darren used his spiritual sense to check for any hints of possible sword intent. Since he knew that Elder Thomas practiced the sword, the easiest way to detect his whereabouts would be to identify areas with strong sword intent.

Suddenly, Darren sensed sword intent emanating from a palace in the distance. 'This is weird. I was not expecting to find Elder Thomas in such an extravagant place, ' he deliberated over his discovery.

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