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   Chapter 216 Bad News

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Darren found a person who was ranked relatively high in the Talent Roll. He was twenty-one years old and had reached the primary stage of the Wonder Realm. He had killed a demonic monster whose strength was equal to a master who had reached the middle stage of the Wonder Realm. This guy ranked 158th.

'So the age indeed plays an important role in the ranking, ' Darren thought to himself.

With that in mind, Darren then started to scan the other names, looking for the person who ranked one hundredth in the Roll. He was interested in knowing more about the guy.

The guy's name was Barnett Xiao. He was nineteen years old and was at the primary stage of the Wonder Realm. He was ranked as the one hundredth in the Talent Roll because he had killed a master who was at the top level of the middle stage of the Wonder Realm.

It was becoming more apparent to Darren that all the superior talents in the Talent Roll were extremely powerful cultivators. They were capable of killing masters who were in a higher realm than theirs. They clearly possessed some excellent skills.

"This one will be my next target. With my current strength, it's possible for me to defeat him," he said, analyzing his would-be opponent.

Darren's body was tough enough to withstand even the most adverse conditions, therefore he was not afraid of facing off against a master at the middle stage of the Wonder Realm. When he completed all the stages of body refining, his strength would greatly improve. However, it only meant that he would not be killed by the master. If he wanted to defeat a master, he still needed to put more efforts in his practice and improve his other skills.

As Darren browsed through the Talent Roll, there was suddenly a loud noise that came from outside the palace. It seemed to be calling out to him.

He went outside to investigate what the noise was about. The disciples of the Dragon Sect had surrounded a muscular man, and that man was Bruce.

"Stop. Let him come up there," Darren shouted his order at the men. The disciples then whipped their heads around to see who roared out the order. To their astonishment, they saw that Darren was at the palace entrance and gaped at them. When they came back to their senses, they immediately stepped away from Bruce in big strides.

Scott had ordered each elder to show Darren's portrait to every disciple in the Dragon Sect, instructing them to obey Darren's orders unconditionally.

One of the disciples stepped forward. "Sir. That guy just barged in here, saying that he needed to speak to you. We halted him and were planning to report him to you first to avoid any trouble, but he still insisted on forcing his way in," he explained. It was a wise decision on their part not to use too much force in stopping the intruder. Otherwise, they might have risked offending someone who was possibly a friend of Darren.

"It's alright. He's my friend. You guys can let him go," Darren casually ordered.

The disciples turned to Bruce and humbly bowed their heads. "Sir, we're so sorry for the trouble." T

mely terrifying before. How much have you improved since reaching the Wonder Realm?" Darren was really happy for him.

Under normal conditions, it would take a longer time for a disciple of the Ancient Families to improve their realms, so it was extremely exceptional of Bruce to make such significant progress at the age of nineteen.

"I'm not certain. But I do feel like I would probably be able to defeat at least a middle-staged master of the Wonder Realm if I use my bloodline force." After reaching the Wonder Realm, Bruce had not gotten much chances to fight, so he had no idea how much his strength had improved.

"That's great! Let's show off our strength at the competition." Darren wore a faint smile on his face.

"Ha-ha, yes!" The two let out a few chuckles, then flew towards the Blade Holy Land palace at full speed.

After an hour of flying, they finally arrived at a splendid palace. Its structure resembled the shape of a blade.

"Halt! Who are you two?"

The two disciples who were guarding the entrance to the palace glowered at the two as they took out their battle blades.

Darren and Bruce lowered themselves onto the ground and scanned the two disciples from head to toe. Darren found that they had reached the top level of the primary stage of the Wonder Realm. He also sensed an intense blade intent emitting from their bodies. 'Hmm, so their strengths are actually good enough, ' he thought.

"We are the main disciples of the Dragon Holy Land. We are here for the Holy Land's martial arts competition. Please let us in." Darren handed them the recommendation letters.

One of the disciples took the letters from his hands. After he cast a glance at the letters, his expression suddenly changed. "Humph. How dare you pretend to be main disciples of the Dragon Holy Land! Arrest these two!"

Several other disciples who also reached the Wonder Realm then dashed out of nowhere and surrounded Darren and Bruce.

"Huh?" Darren's eyebrows were furrowed in confusion. 'What the hell is happening?' he thought.

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