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   Chapter 215 Finished The Beginning Stage Of Body Refining

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Scott suppressed his strength to match that of a warrior at the middle stage of the Wonder Realm. With a sly grin, he swung his blade at Darren.

Confident of his abilities, Darren stood still and returned Scott's smile.

With a "whooshing" sound, Scott's extraordinary blade swiftly cut through the air and collided with Darren's skin. The impact created violent air currents that shook everything around the two men. The shock wave was powerful enough to kill a strong cultivator at the primary stage of the Wonder Realm.

After a brief silence, a clang was heard!

Then, a crisp sound reverberated in the space before the blade in Scott's hand shattered into countless pieces from the impact.

Darren easily steadied himself after sliding backward dozens of feet. Surprisingly, no injuries appeared on his body. The smile on Darren's face grew into a grin. The result of Scott's attack pleased him. Now Darren was certain that his strength was nearing the middle stage of the Wonder Realm. His skin was hard enough to avoid injuries from severe attacks. However, he needed to strengthen himself to avoid being knocked into air by the impact of a powerful force.

"Congratulations, Darren. You were able to endure a violent blow after finishing the skin refining stage. This is truly amazing." Scott flashed a bright smile as he spoke. He felt genuine happiness for Darren.

"It is incredible! I feel so strong that I am certain that I would not be wounded if you had increased your attacking force. Even a strong cultivator at the beginning of the middle stage of the Wonder Realm won't be able to penetrate my skin. At best, he might break several of my bones." Darren's eyes twinkled with joy as he spoke.

Scott nodded. "Indeed. The defensive ability of your skin and flesh have reached an impressive level. Your body hardness will also be enhanced when you finish the meridian, bone, and organ refining stages perfectly. After completing these refining stages, we can work on your physical strength. By completing the golden body refining stage perfectly, you will scale the limits of your physical strength," Scott explained.

"The terrible pain that I endured during the refining was worth it, Scott. Let's move on to the next step," Darren suggested. He was very pleased.

As Darren readied himself for the meridian refining stage, Scott prepared the liquid medicine required.

Since greater quantities of demonic blood had been mixed with the liquid medicine, Darren had to endure more pain than before.

Fortunately, he was used to that level of agony as his energy meridians had been shattered several times before. Furthermore, his willpower was much stronger owing to the torment he had suffered in the previous skin refining stage. Therefore, the meridian refining stage took him only half a month.

The bone refining stage followed the meridian refining stage.

As before, Darren also suffered great agony when his bones were repeatedly broken and healed as part of t

Talent Roll Scott had given to him. Dense and tiny characters were written across the Earth Chart of the Talent Roll, recording the names of the top thirty thousand talents.

After a few moments, Darren finally found his name. He was ranked around the two thousand and eight hundredth position.

"Hum? My strength should be listed within the top 500. It doesn't make sense," Darren muttered, confused.

Curious, Darren clicked on his name. Several lines of characters appeared in the air before him.

"Darren, eighteen years old, the ninth stage of the Mysterious Realm. The highest rank: eighteen. Reason: he killed a master at the Wonder Realm when he was at the Spirit Realm. Fighting capacity point: full score. Current rank: 2850th. Reason: killed level five demonic monsters at the Mysterious Realm. Fighting capacity point: seventy."

Darren slowly read the content that described his ranking and points in detail. There were over ten thousand words in his description!

Now he understood the reason for his ranking—there had been no breakthrough in his realm as he grew older. However, in the Talent Roll, there were over a hundred factors that contributed to the final ranking, such as the most powerful opponent a warrior had killed recently, talent, realm crossing, and so on.

The fighting capacity to kill masters at higher realms and age accounted for sixty percent of the total points.

'I need to kill a strong cultivator at the middle stage of the Wonder Realm to refresh my ranking. Once I enter the top 500, I need to go to Talent City in the North Desert to challenge the strong cultivators, ' Darren thought.

Then, Darren checked the elaborate information about the cultivators ranked below 100.

"Hum? A man who is twenty-two years old and at the primary stage of the Wonder Realm. He killed a strong cultivator at the top level of the middle stage of the Wonder Realm. How is it possible that he is just ranked 200th on the Talent Roll?" Darren was surprised.

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