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   Chapter 214 Endless Pain

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As soon as Darren jumped into the boiling cauldron, Scott lifted a large bronze lid and covered the cauldron. Then he used the dragon aura to seal it tight.

"Oh? Scott, why did you do that?" Darren's voice echoed from inside the cauldron.

"Darren, I need to ensure that you won't flee from the cauldron because of the pain. That is why I have sealed the cauldron. It's only temporary. You must hold on and finish the refinement."

Although each step of using the demonic blood to refine the body brought tremendous pain, Scott believed that Darren's body was solid enough to endure it and that he would not die in the process. However, he worried that Darren would instinctively jump out of the cauldron, and if Darren did that, the skin refining would be interrupted, and all his efforts would end in vain. What was worse, Darren wouldn't get a second chance to refine his skin if he failed the first time. This setback would also mean that Darren would not enter the next stages—the meridian refining stage and the bone refining stage.

"Got it. I'll try to bear the pain." Anguish laced Darren's voice as he spoke.

"I have to leave now. But I'll be back ten days after to let you out!" Scott didn't leave. He stood in front of the cauldron quietly.

He had told Darren that he needed to be elsewhere so that he would not plead with Scott to remove the lid when the agony became unbearable.

Inside the grand cauldron

The medicinal liquid that had integrated numerous precious herbs and the demonic monster blood began eroding Darren's skin. Darren felt as though millions of ants were eating his skin and flesh.

'This pain is less than what I suffered from the soul attack. I can handle it, ' Darren thought as he exhaled. As the agony increased, Darren clenched his teeth but remained in the cauldron.

Ten hours later, the medicinal liquid had saturated Darren's skin and flesh. Meanwhile, the pain increased tenfold. As a result, Darren's body began to cramp.


Darren bellowed. The pain had become so extreme that he could not handle it.

He could perceive that his skin had corroded, little by little. If a person saw him now, he would be terrified because he would see a bleeding man without skin!

Scorching air rushed into his nose and the pain tortured Darren to the extent that he almost fainted.

However, he knew that this was not the end and that the medicinal liquid's effect had not reached its peak. Otherwi

precious herbs as well as demonic monster blood into the cauldron. Then he used the dragon aura to boil the liquid and was about to cover the lid.

"You needn't put the lid! I'm sure that I can handle the pain."

After Darren had experienced the pain from the first round of skin refining, he found that his determination had significantly increased. He would control himself and not flee from the cauldron instinctively.

"Okay. Your success or failure depends on your determination!" Scott trusted Darren explicitly. He stood outside and watched the cauldron quietly.

Darren took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Then he became silent.

Since his new skin was very strong, when it was eroded by the boiling medicinal liquid again, he felt ten times the previous pain.

But Darren sat in the cauldron motionlessly. The sweat beading on Darren's forehead was the only indication of the discomfort he felt.

A month passed. This time, Darren remained in the cauldron and made no sound.

Scott watched as Darren's skin was destroyed and regenerated. He thought if he were at the same realm as Darren, he might not have the fortitude to bear such tremendous pain.


That day, as soon as Darren opened his eyes, a bright light shot out.


Darren flew out of the cauldron, and golden light circled him.

"Your skin refining is perfect!" Excitement showed on Scott's face as he exclaimed.

"Scott cut me with your blade!" Darren wanted to test his new skin.

"Okay!" Scott's eyes lit up. He summoned an extraordinary blade and leaped into the air. Then he turned into a dragon and shot toward Darren.

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