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   Chapter 213 Body Refining Starts

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Gilbert had no intention of teaching Darren a lesson. On the contrary, it was a simple test to determine what level Darren had mastered! Gilbert had been curious about Darren's genuine strength after witnessing his capabilities during the battle. Had he reached the middle stage of the Wonder Realm? Darren must be a superior talent on the Talent Roll if he attained this level at such a young age.

"There is no need. I do not match your level." Darren refused.

Gilbert was at the middle stage of the Wonder Realm, which was more powerful than the primary stage of the Wonder Realm. There was no doubt that Darren did not match his level. It was thus, meaningless to accept the challenge.

Darren differed from the others considering the skills he had mastered. He was learning from the "Nine Changes of the Demon" and the "Demonic Blood Refining Skill." The former was a legendary martial arts skill! Once he fully comprehended the third stage, his strength would get much closer to the middle stage of the Wonder Realm. An attack from a cultivator at the middle stage of the Wonder Realm would not harm Darren once he succeeded in his body refining. Then, he would be able to defeat the strongest cultivators at the middle stage of the Wonder Realm.

Darren's ultimate purpose was to reach the top 100 on the Talent Roll. Now that he had the sword core, Darren had no time left. He could enter the Wonder Realm at any minute once his spiritual energy reached its limit. Recently, his talents had improved radically. Along with that, his cultivation base had gradually upgraded as Darren had absorbed spiritual energy into his body. Luckily, the way he absorbed spiritual energy was gentle and slow. There was no need to worry about any fight between his sword intent and blade intent inside his body because of it.

Another advantage was that part of the spiritual energy Darren had assimilated would be used to heal himself when wounded. Only the remaining spiritual energy would continually and slowly improve his cultivation base.

Darren had been badly injured before. At that time, he had collected a lot of bloody red plants containing spiritual energy to assimilate and heal his wounds. Even though the spiritual energy was not much, it was enough to promote his cultivation base to a few stages higher.

So, what Darren needed most now was to get on the Talent Roll and head for the Raksa Sea. Before that, he needed to visit the Starry Tower to ask Hanson about how to use the Primitive Stone.

"Ha-ha, do not worry, kid. I promise not to hurt you, okay?" Gilbert speculated that Darren was afraid of being injured.

But that was not what worried Darren. With a shake of his head, Darren replied, "Thanks, but there is no need. I have to leave now." Darren was calm as he turned to leave.

"Wait! Kid!"

Seeing that Darren was leaving, Gilbert released an attack. The force of the blow was equivalent to the power of a cultivator who had just reached the middle stage of the Wonder Realm. Gilbert was sure of Darren's ability to dodge it.

"Oh?" Immediately, Dar

you know what soul hunters are? Have you ever heard of them?'' Darren was deeply worried. A powerful entity had attacked him. What should he do if he came across such a strong and mysterious opponent again?

"They are a mysterious cult in the east hills. They disappeared more than a hundred years ago. I never expected that they would return. Their return means that something big happens. You will be in a lot of trouble if you get involved." Scott frowned as he spoke. Then something else occurred to him. So he tried to comfort Darren, ''Do not worry. They don't dare to enter our territory. At least the strong evil cultivators would not.''

''Why?'' Darren was confused. Powerful men could do anything that they wanted. Why would Scott say they were forbidden from his territory and that they would obey that rule?

''I do not know all the details. What I do know is that this has something to do with the great master of the Medicine Pavilion. He restrains the evil cultivators from entering the southern land.''

Darren felt relieved. Simultaneously, Scott's explanation piqued his curiosity. How powerful was the master of the Medicine Pavilion to order such an evil group? How terrified were they of the master of the Medicine Pavilion if they listened? His existence alone was sufficient to keep soul hunters away from the southern land. There was only one explanation. The master of the Medicine Pavilion was more powerful than he could imagine.

This was when Darren's interest in being a rule cultivator was sparked. Wouldn't everyone admire a strong, powerful rule cultivator?

Darren then handed the demonic monster blood he had collected to Scott. He watched carefully as Scott mixed the potion in the first stage of skin refining.

"Remember, Darren. The longer you stay in the potion, the better the effect of the skin refining stage. It will set an important foundation for your upcoming stages. I must warn you, though. It is painful. Are you ready?"

"Definitely." Darren nodded before leaping into the boiling big cauldron.

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