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   Chapter 212 Defeat Them All

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A majestic sword intent permeated the battle platform.

In the training ground, everyone held their breath as the pressure emitted by the powerful sword intent nearly suffocated them. Fortunately, the protection set around the battlefield reduced the effect of the pressure. Otherwise, many disciples at the Mysterious Realm might have lost consciousness.

"The sword intent is too strong!"

"I feel as though his sword intent is pressing against my throat."

Several young disciples in the training ground were beginners at the Wonder Realm. Some even specialized in sword cultivation. Since they had absorbed sword cores, they were sensitive to the effect of Darren's sword intent.

Bella was more surprised than the others. She had no idea that she was provoking a genius.

"Uncle Gilbert said that he is in the Mysterious Realm. But his sword intent is so strong. Is he a superior talent?" Bella felt as though she was having a panic attack. Her eyes reflected shock, worry, and even envy.


The three young warriors hovered midair as they summoned their Omnipotent Talent Skill. However, they trembled with terror when a strong sword intent emanated from below. The strong sense of pressure from Darren's sword intent was equivalent to their Omnipotent Talent Skill.

"This brat must be at the top level of the Wonder Realm's primary stage. His level of sword core is high!"

"Huh, our Omnipotent Talent Skill can defeat him!"

"Let's attack together and kill this brat!"

The three warriors were scared, but could not admit how they felt.


The three warriors unleashed their Omnipotent Talent Skills simultaneously. Countless shadows of fists and palms loomed in the sky. The platform trembled under the pressure of their attack.


Darren looked up with an expression as cold as the sword in his hand. As soon as the sword core was activated in his body, majestic sword intent shot out like a savage beast.

The sword intent clashed against their Omnipotent Talent Skills. The force of the impact was so strong that the training ground shook, and a rumbling sound echoed in the air.

Darren's unmatched sword intent shattered numerous shadows before heading for the three young warriors, who were still hovering in the air.

However, the Omnipotent Talent Skills from warriors at the top level of the primary stage of the Wonder Realm were not as weak as Darren had assumed. With the enhancement of the three warriors' strengths, their attacks broke Darren's sword intent, and the powerful attacks fell on Darren in an instant.

"Hum! I have resisted Omnipotent T

fight back because of the pain.

The three warriors fell onto the ground. They looked pitiable as they lay on a semi-crushed platform, like dead dogs.

Darren flew down and landed beside the three warriors. But he didn't even look at them. Instead, he looked up at Bella, who was standing outside the platform.

Bella was stunned as she stared at the platform. Several overwhelming emotions coursed through her.

"He..." Bella murmured, feeling empty inside. She didn't know what to say.

"He didn't show his true strength," Gilbert said as he shook his head. He felt that Darren could easily defeat the three warriors without using all his power.

In the next instant, Gilbert flew to the platform.

"Young man, they are already severely injured. Please don't kill them," he said to Darren, standing beside him.

"I never said that I wanted to kill them," Darren responded plainly.

After all, this was Scott's territory. And these three warriors were disciples of the Dragon Holy Land. He just wanted to teach them a lesson.

"Thank you, young man."

"You're welcome. I will leave if there's nothing else," Darren said before turning to leave.

"Wait!" Gilbert shouted.

Darren frowned.

"Young man, I feel that you didn't use your true strength to fight these three warriors. Would you like to battle against me?" A faint smile danced on Gilbert's lips as he spoke.

The disciples in the training ground, who had been rendered speechless by the battle, started to shout with excitement.

"Elder Gilbert is a master at the middle stage of the Wonder Realm! Why is he so nice to that young man? He even wants to fight him? Is he going to accept the offer?"

Everyone stared at the platform with anticipation.

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