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   Chapter 211 One On Three (Part Two)

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"You humiliated me today. You are going to pay for that now," Bella stared at Darren viciously as she talked to herself. Finally, she felt a whole lot better.

"Bella, I heard someone was brewing a fight here. What happened? "

Suddenly, a middle-aged man strode and stopped beside her. He was in cyan cloth. No uncomfortable energy was released from his body, which made him look and feel just like any ordinary human being. His eyes, however, were so piercing that anyone could assume that his aura might be light but he was not mediocre.

"Uncle Gilbert, you are here." Bella chuckled when she realized who recently arrived.

She thought to herself that even if the three geniuses failed, her uncle, Gilbert Mu, who had reached the middle stage of Wonder Realm, would bend his knees in front of her. She sniggered with what was going on in her head.

Then, Bella briefly told Gilbert Mu the concise details of what happened before he arrived.

When Bella descriptively told the story as to how Darren threw Fred away, Gilbert Mu was completely stunned.

"Uncle Gilbert, he concealed his cultivation base, came here and deliberately provoked the three geniuses. Do you know which real realm he belongs to? Can you rival and win over him?" Bella asked curiously as she wanted Gilbert Mu to help plot a way in bringing Darren to the ground.

Gilbert Mu did not bother to give her an answer as he was busy pondering on what kind of person Darren could really be.

Suddenly, he realized that danger was imminent and he exclaimed, "Bella, tell them to stop! I am afraid we cannot afford to offend this young man."

"What?" Bella, knowing Uncle Gilbert's personality, did not expect that he would say it so she worriedly asked, "Uncle Gilbert, do you really think he is so strong that you can't rival and defeat him?"

"Not really." Gilbert Mu shook his head and continued, "He recently reached

er posed any advantage on their end. In fact, they were nothing but a team collecting embarrassment from the crowd. The geniuses wanted to finish this fight as quickly as possible so the two started to initiate their Omnipotent Talent Skill as well.

When the three geniuses individually initiated their Omnipotent Talent Skill in synchrony, the sky was as agitated as the fighters. The clouds transformed from thin cirrus to nimbus, so the atmosphere in the training ground hinted darkness and suddenly became depressing.

"It is time to put his strength to the test," Gilbert mumbled in his amazement. He saw what just happened and he could clearly tell that Darren's capabilities surpass what was expected of his level. His strength could rival anyone who had attained being at the middle stage of Wonder Realm. Only his ambiguous strength was left.

The wind blew silently as the air gave a feeling of buzz and life.

As they were initiating Omnipotent Talent Skill, the sword whirred, demonstrating its unusual power. Several sword-lights unexpectedly shone in the recently depressing court. The powerful sword intent sent a threat to the atmosphere as if stirring another kind of battle.

"Amazing!" Gilbert was beyond surprised of an eventful experience.

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