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   Chapter 210 One On Three (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-10-26 01:41

As Bella was about to set foot out the busy training ground, loud cheers overwhelmed her from behind. Out of curiosity she stopped, retracted her next steps and slowly gazed back, full of wonder as to what could have happened that called for such exclamation.

She stared so clueless in a daze as if she had not witnessed such brutality. The young talent who had swung his fist towards Darren was thrown away in the air. Trying to pick up pieces of clues, she still could not understand and have a grasp of what just happened before everyone's eyes.

The youth, who was able to reach the top level of primary stage of Wonder Realm and with exemplary skill and grit, was thrown out of the battlefield. Was it an illusion or some kind of misunderstanding? Bella could hardly believe in her eyes as to why it was happening in front of her. She was full of doubts but she was so sure that this couldn't be possible.

"Was Fred really defeated?" Bella muttered to herself as she could not make sense of what was happening around her. She was stunned when she realized what really happened.

"No, it can't be! Fred is so strong. How could this happen?" People howled to express mixed feelings of confusion and disagreement to what they just witnessed.

They were beginners who had fought hard and had just reached the Wonder Realm. Shocked to the core, they couldn't understand what they just saw.

However, they were absolutely aware of the prominence of that powerful energy which had caused Fred to be ejected away from the ground.

They'd never heard of any man, who was only a Mysterious Realm cultivator, had such irrefutable and powerful energy. The impossibility and insanity of what happened made the people ask more and more questions.

"He must be a master in the Wonder Realm! There must be some way to disguise his cultivation base," peop

umstances, Darren was brave enough to proceed to fight the three geniuses at the same time. They believed it was suicide but they were sitting back, awaiting for the moment they could prove themselves they might be wrong.

"Sirs, his strength may really be that exceptional. Otherwise he would not look down upon you. You cannot rival him, even if you fight together. Please just let him go. I will apologize to him. This is all my fault." Bella continued to agitate the three geniuses by pretending to be afraid as she tried to convince them by incessantly sobbing.

"Just watch and let it unfold before your eyes, Bella. Beating him is as simple as beating a dog," Cameron exclaimed.

"All right. Let's finish him first so we can continue with the real competition. Kill Him!" the other two added.

Three of them started to release energy that was combustible. This made the air around them explode when they flew to the battlefield with pride.

Bella, aware of what was about to happen, sneered secretly when she witnessed the explosion. She assumed Darren could not rival the three geniuses because they had already reached the top level of the primary stage of Wonder Realm while Darren was yet to reach the middle stage.

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