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   Chapter 209 Taught Him A Lesson

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Silence reigned in the training ground.

Bella stood as still as a rock with her pouty lips still attached to Darren's palm. Her face flushed red, and she nearly died of embarrassment.

She took a few steps back as her eyes filled with tears. Bella was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a place to hide.

Bella had always been surrounded by numerous talented youth who adored her. Now, a mediocre cultivator was teasing her. She felt wronged.

"Why are you bullying me like this?"

Bella cried as shame coursed through her. Pained by Darren's actions, real tears flowed down her pretty face.

"Bullying you? You asked for it.

I don't care about you, but you keep trying to get me into trouble. By asking me to be your boyfriend, you were provoking your admirers to attack me. Now, I think you have got what you wanted from me. Look at those vicious eyes. Can you feel that everyone in the training ground intends to kill me right now? Are you satisfied? Why are you saying that I bullied you? "

Bella was rendered speechless as no one had spoken to her like this before.

"Do you think that every man in the world should surround you and admire you because you are a beauty? Do you think you are that charming? Your admirers are a bunch of losers who are attracted to your physical appearance. And you are not that pretty at all. You are a cheap and shallow little girl in my eyes.

Please don't think that I am deliberately trying to hurt you. Everything I have said is the truth. I really mean it. Do you understand?"

Bella didn't move a muscle. Instead, she stared blankly at the floor. She had not been treated like this since she was a child. She was so mortified that she wanted to kill Darren. However, when she thought about her failed attack on Darren, she just stood there and didn't know what to do.


Bella cried her heart out in front of Darren since she didn't know how to vent her anger.

The more Darren spoke ill of Bella, the more she cried. The more tears that flowed down her pretty face, the angrier her admirers became.

"You bastard, don't be so arrogant! I will kill you!"

"You called us losers? You bastard! Go to hell!"

"How dare you make Bella cry? I will never let you go!"

The crowd was furious with Darren and began to snarl at him. Chaos ruled the training ground.

Everyone who had come to watch the competition in this training ground today were all rule cultivators. Even the lowest-ranked cultivator was at the ninth stage of the Mysterious Realm. At least two dozen people had reached the primary stage of the Wonder Realm. They would never allow a mediocre cultivator like Darren, who had just reached the Mysterious Realm, to be so arrogant!


In the next instant, a deafening sound filled the training ground as a dozen fist shadows flew towards Darren.

Darren st

sounds fair, right?"

"Fred, are you showing off in front of Bella? Let go of such sum? Are you a real man or not? You are such a sissy." Another muscular man, who had stood on the battlefield shouted as he flew towards them.

"Little boy. I am Cameron Wang. I am very good at teaching naughty children how to behave. You want to try it? How about you kneel on the floor and bow to me a hundred times? You deserve this punishment. Do you understand?" The last youth also flew towards them.

Everyone in the training ground was filled with excitement as they were expecting a good show. They were certain that even if Darren were able to survive the battle, he would be severely injured by the three talents since they were deeply offended by his remarks.

Under attack by three masters, who were at the top level of the primary stage of the Wonder Realm, Darren would suffer tremendously even if he had some legendary secret weapon to protect himself with.

"Don't go too far. You just need to teach him a lesson," Bella told them. She meant that they could do whatever they like with Darren as long as they didn't kill him.

"Since you say so, we will obey your order," a youth replied with an evil smile. He casually raised his hands in the air before swinging his fist toward Darren gently.

Although his movement seemed gentle on the surface, it contained great power. His fist power was so intense that even the air swirled. The tremendous pressure emitted from his fist made it hard for all the disciples at the Mysterious Realm to breathe.

They were amazed to see how powerful the master was, and thought that it was virtually impossible for Darren to sustain such strong power for one second.

"Humph. You asked for it. Don't blame me!" Bella snorted coldly. Her expression softened at the thought that someone was avenging her. She turned and walked towards the training ground's exit.

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