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   Chapter 208 You Are Not That Attractive

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"Thank goodness I have returned," exclaimed Darren happily.

Darren raised his head and looked around. He found himself surrounded by a group of palaces. A huge blurry dragon shadow lay behind the most magnificent palace. He realized that he had reached the Dragon Holy Land.

Darren was not in a hurry to find Scott. Darren had been tense and anxious during his time in the demonic monster domain. Now that he had arrived at the Dragon Holy Land, Darren wanted to relax. Thus, instead of finding Scott, he walked around.

"Get out of here before you get killed!" someone yelled.

Darren was about to enter the training ground when he heard the warning. Suddenly, a few Dragon Holy Land disciples blocked his path. Darren frowned as their attitude toward him was hostile.

"Is the training ground off limits?" Darren asked, calmly.

One disciple said haughtily, "Are you pretending to be unaware, or are you deliberately asking for trouble? Today, the three geniuses are going to compete with each other. The news has shaken everyone in the Holy Land. Do you still pretend to know nothing?"

"I don't know where this bumpkin comes from, but if you don't have an invitation to watch the competition, you will not be allowed to enter. Get out of my face, or I will break your legs!" yelled another one.

Darren would never be nice to ignorant and arrogant people like these disciples. He waved his hand gently and released a great force. It hit the two people with such power that they were pushed back several feet.

"I want to see which geniuses are competing."

Darren had only used a small percentage of his power, so he did not kill the two gatekeepers. His attack had been enough to cause a few minor injuries, though.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

A series of resounding claps were heard just then. Darren looked in the direction of the sound and saw a young girl smiling at him. Surprise and admiration reflected in her eyes.

"What an impressive palm skill! You defeated two people at your level so effortlessly. Your strength is truly amazing."

Darren shook his head. He knew the girl was patronizing him. It felt ridiculous, so he ignored her and walked toward the training ground.

"Um? What is your problem? Why are you so cold to me?" questioned the girl. She frowned and stepped in front of Darren.

"Well, I just want to go in and have a look. Why is everyone stopping me?" s

. Then, his eyes rolled up, and then he fainted with joy.

"Idiot." Bella Mu rolled her eyes at the disciple in white. She kicked him away and then looked at Darren.

Below in the arena, the three powerful young people immediately cast a stern glance at Darren.

"Sure," answered Darren casually.

Hundreds of eyes filled with murderous intent focused on Darren. Didn't he know the girl's trick? It was no doubt that the girl wanted him to become the enemy of all the other people there, but Darren decided to fulfill her wish.

Bella Mu was dumbfounded. She was angry with Darren, and she also felt that he was a man of mystery. She had thought that Darren would refuse her proposal as he had been cold toward her earlier. However, to her surprise, he agreed.

The situation puzzled Bella. She had expressed her affection for Darren in front of so many people. They would now believe that she fancied him.

"Come on, honey. Don't you want to kiss your boyfriend?" Darren joked provocatively as he stuck out one side of his face toward Bella.

Bella blushed with anger because she didn't expect Darren to flirt with her in public!

"Okay, but remember this. You are asking for trouble," she said in a very soft voice. "I could kiss you, but don't blame me if you die after that."

After saying that, she pouted her lips and moved closer toward Darren. A deep sense of shame and indignation reflected in her eyes.


Immediately, Darren obstructed the girl's lips with his hand.

"Sorry, we've broken up now."

Darren's harsh words rang throughout the training ground.

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