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   Chapter 207 The Formidable Soul Attack

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As he absorbed the several drops of green liquid, Darren's whole body trembled. He could feel that his soul was being refined.

"It seems as though the growth in my soul is advancing my Spirit Power."

Darren briefly examined himself and was pleasantly surprised to find that the droplets of green liquid had propelled his Spirit Power to a higher level.

'So, the growth of the soul is the key to enhancing one's Spirit Power.' Darren surmised. A smile played on Darren's lips.

In the next instant, Darren jumped into the pond and continued to absorb the spiritual energy it contained.

The souls that had been refined in this pond could never be resurrected. Besides, the Soul Hunter Sect was an extremely vicious organization. Darren would never give these refined souls to them.

Darren's assimilation took about an hour. By then, Darren's Spirit Power had reached level 18. He was shocked by the advancement.

However, Darren hit a bottleneck. The growth of his Spirit Power would be next to nothing if he continued to absorb.

"My Spirit Power is now at level 18. I wonder how much force I can unleash if I command the rules."

As a rule cultivator, the stronger his Spirit Power, the higher the power Darren could command from the rules of the universe.

Curious, Darren activated the Wind Rule he had just learned and started dashing around the cave.

When Darren heard how fiercely the wind whistled when he ran, he knew that he was faster than before. He was sure that even masters at the top level of the Wonder Realm's middle stage would be unable to catch him at this speed.

However, comprehension of the Wind Rule could do more than just make a cultivator run faster. If Darren utilized it during a fight, it would allow him to deliver a blow more quickly as well. During combat, victory depended on speed—the faster you are, the more likely you are to win. Hence, being able to deliver a stroke quicker meant that Darren's strength would be significantly enhanced as well.

Besides, he could strengthen his defensive ability by reinforcing his comprehension of the Rule of the Earth.

"What an unexpected gain! If I refine my body perfectly, I will become a formidable entity when I combine the Earth Formation and my demonic transformation skill. My strength is near the middle stage of the Wonder Realm.

The glance vanished soon after it fell on the shadow. The source of this glance seemed to be astonished.

"I have never seen such a powerful soul. I shall make it mine." The shadow swept an icy glance around the cave. It found Darren's trace, yet it did not see him there.


South of the demonic monster domain, Darren tried his best to conceal his aura and avoided being discovered by hiding inside the body of a demonic monster.

On the path of being stronger, Darren had seen many powerful masters of martial arts, but none had terrified him this much. He deemed this figure as powerful as the avatar of that mighty man in the Black Cliff of Sword Intent.

Those soul attacks were powerful enough to break through the defense of the stone in his head. Darren had been genuinely horrified.

After hiding in a demonic monster's corpse for several hours, Darren tried to sense the mighty figure. When he couldn't trace it, he decided to step out.

"The presence I felt is truly big and powerful. The growth of my Spirit Power won't be of any value if I get killed here. I hope he'll never find me." Darren remained vigilant. He knew that he was no match for the source of the attacks, at least not now.

Since he had to stay in the demonic monster domain for a few more hours, Darren was careful the whole time. He even gave up the idea of finding a level six demonic monster because he was afraid that the formidable presence would come for him again. So, he activated the transmission jade card Scott had given him and gradually vanished.

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