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   Chapter 206 Soul Hunter

Lord Of Martial Arts By Meng Mian Characters: 10036

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Darren approached the old man who lay on the ground. Just when Darren was about to help the old man with his injuries, a strange aura suddenly emerged from behind him and went straight to Darren's head.

In a split second, he felt as though his soul was being torn apart.


Darren's face grew serious. He raised his hand and deflected it.


A scream came from behind him. As Darren turned around, he found that the boy had been blasted by his power into a big tree.

"Why does your soul have such strong power!?" Suddenly, the little boy's voice changed, sounding very much like an adult. He was totally astonished by the turn of events.

"Ah!" Suddenly he screamed in agony as a sharp pain shot throughout his body. He frantically scratched his head, rolling on the ground.

Darren felt goose bumps when he realized that if it weren't for the strange stone in his head, he would have been dead. The strange stone sensed that probing aura, deflected it back at the boy in the nick of time and saved his life.

"Who are you? I was nearly deceived by your dirty trick," Darren sneered at him.


Darren suddenly felt a wave of dizziness again!

"Again?" Darren used his spiritual sense, and once again deflected the probing aura inside his head.

Now it was the old man on the ground who let out a scream.

"He has such powerful soul! Ah! It's so painful," he screamed in terror, writhing on the ground.

Darren walked up to the old man, kicked him in the stomach and shouted, "You better come clean about the dirty trick you played on me. How dare you attack me like that, you bastard!"

"Ha-ha-ha!" The old man let out a scream of laughter. "You are such powerful young man. We will have a taste of your soul one day. You just wait and see!"

Having said this, the old man sprayed a mouthful blood at Darren's body. His eyes went blank, and the aura emitted from his body vanished without a trace. It was as if his soul had disappeared completely.

"He died?" Darren was confused. Darren walked closer and took a look at him. The old man was indeed lifeless. He turned around and walked towards the boy, who still lay whining beside the tree.

Darren immediately emitted a powerful aura and pushed it against the boy. The power was so intense that the boy couldn't even manage to move a muscle. He could neither commit suicide nor run away, so Darren began to question him about his real identity.

"Tell me. Who the hell are you? If you don't tell me the truth, I will let you feel pain one hundred times more than what you felt earlier!" Darren shouted.

"Please, please don't kill me.

We are soul hunters come from the Soul Hunter Sect. We didn't know you were such powerful master. I am so sorry for the trouble. I'm begging you for mercy!" the boy stammered, shivering with fear. But Darren sensed that something was wrong. Although he looked like a little boy, his voice sounded too mature. He was not a child at all!

Once Darren forced


"You will pay the price for your huge mistake!" Darren's voice was as cold as ice. Seeing numerous people's souls groaning in agony, he couldn't help but wonder how many innocent people had been killed by these vicious men!

"Ha-ha, you bastard. Did you really think I can't do anything to you just because my Spiritual Secret Skill can't hurt you right now? Open your damned eyes and watch!" Bevis shouted. Bevis wasn't afraid Darren at all. After all, he thought that he was already a beginner of the Wonder Realm, and he had well prepared for everything that would happen. He let out a roar and suddenly blasted intense aura from his body.

Bevis sensed that Darren was only at the Mysterious Realm. Because of this, he assumed that destroying him would be a walk in the park. So without hesitation, he flung his punch right at Darren. He was absolutely certain that one blow of his fist would be more than enough to get rid of this intruder.


When Darren raised his sword, Bevis suddenly came to the realization that he had been terribly naive. The power of the sword intent terrified Bevis. He trembled with fear, sensing that Darren's sharp sword could tear everything apart into ribbons.

His eyes grew wider, a look of sheer terror plastered on his cruel face. In no time at all, he completely disappeared into the sword's shadows and was chopped into pieces before he could struggle.

Darren raised his sword again and killed the guards. He collected a few beads from their corpses and a dozen beads from Bevis. All of these were filled with poor unfortunate souls.

Darren approached the central pool. He saw that numerous shadows continued to struggle in agony as they all melted into a green liquid. Darren used his spiritual sense and wanted to explore it. After all, he had never seen anything like that before! As he stretched out his hand, a drop of liquid fell into his palm.


After doing so, Darren was totally taken aback by the result.

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