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   Chapter 205 Collecting Demonic Monsters' Blood

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Once Scott had left with the others, Darren stayed in the demonic monster domain for a few days. During this time, he began to grasp the blade intent.

After he had seen a big leap in his talent, he had to comprehend the blade intent as quickly as possible. Once he accomplished this, he could enhance his strength in an even shorter amount of time!

In this wasteland, a group of level three demonic monsters casually wandered all around. All of a sudden, a deafening sound rung out from behind! Numerous blades emitted rays of bright light that instantly shot toward them. In a split second, the three demonic monsters were chopped into pieces.

A man flew in the air, feeling fully satisfied with his masterpiece.

"Right now, I have reached the high level of the supernatural blade skill. Both my blade and sword intent have achieved a balance! This is wonderful! I have even made a vast improvement in my strength!" he shouted. Although Darren had grasped the supernatural blade skill, he still couldn't condense the blade core yet. He intuitively felt that something was missing.

Darren didn't want to waste his time anymore. He needed to hurry up and practice longer, harder, and faster. After he grasped the blade intent, he directly flew into the demonic monster territory. With his current strength, he could easily kill any level five demonic monsters. As for the level six demonic monsters, maybe he could use his battle techniques and give them a try!

Although the level six demonic monsters reached the middle stage of the Wonder Realm, they still evolved from the beasts. Since they were not as experienced as Darren in battle techniques, and didn't possess any impressive martial skills like he was, he still had a small chance of defeating them.

In a split second, Darren soared away for several hundred miles. When he set foot onto the demonic monster domain, a deafening roar came from the mysterious mountain. This large mass of land emitted a powerful and gargantuan aura.

After he arrived, Darren did not hastily kill the demonic monsters for blood. Instead, he began to look through the book of "Demonic Blood Refining Skill." He had decided to find out about all the specific procedures and what kind of demonic monster blood he needed before getting started.

The book "Demonic Blood Refining Skill" could be graded at five stages: the skin refining stage, meridian refining stage, organ refining stage, bone refining stage, and golden body refining stage.

Of course, each stage had a different requirement which corresponded to the level of the demonic monster's blood.

Respectively, the skin refining stage needed blood from a level three demonic monster, the meridian refining stage a level four demonic monster, the organ refining stage a level five demonic monster, the bone refining stage a level six demonic monster, and the golden body refining stage required blood from the king of the demonic monster.

"Ha-ha. I have already obtained the blood of the king of the demonic monster! If I collect blood from other levels demonic monsters, it will be smooth sailing from there," Darren murmured to himself. Darren felt giddy with excitement. If he had not risked his own life to kill the badly injured Divine Bull King, he would not have had the chance to collec

lit the demonic monster's throat. Thick blood soon oozed from the cut on its wounds, pouring out like a river. Darren instantly used his spiritual sense to store the blood into his Space Ring.

This huge level five demonic monster had only provided half of the blood that Darren sought to obtain. This meant he would just need to go find another one!

He didn't want to waste his time anymore, so he directly flew towards the mountain in the distance to look for other level five monsters.

As he flew, Darren suddenly detected human presence in the jungle. He sensed that the human was being attacked by a demonic monster.

As Darren dashed into the jungle, he caught sight of a ten-year-old child. The child trembled with fear in front of a level two demonic monster, which had fiercely opened its bloody mouth and was about to devour him. On the ground not far away lay an old man covered in blood.

"Get lost!" Darren screamed.

Darren slightly raised his hand and waved at the level two demonic monster. It barely had time to yelp before it broke into pieces in a split second and disappeared completely.

"Sir, thank you so much!" that child cried out as he gazed at Darren in a mix of overwhelming admiration and fear. Darren looked like a god to him. After all, he had popped out from nowhere and saved him and his grandfather in the nick of time!

"You're welcome, kid. Why are you here in the demonic monster domain? It's very dangerous here," Darren asked kindly. He found out that the child had arrived the fourth stage of the Primary Realm, indicating that he had great potential in cultivation. The old man lay beside him had arrived the second stage of the Spirit Realm.

"Sir, my name is Drew. My grandfather and I came to collect the herbs in the mountain, but we got lost and were injured by the demonic monster. Sir, please, please save my grandfather! He is dying!" the boy pleaded, sobbing desperately. Without hesitation, Darren went straight to the old man, and prepared to cure his injuries.

The moment Darren turned his back to the boy, the boy flashed a dark and evil smile on his face. His innocent expression suddenly changed and green flames burned in his eyes.

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