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   Chapter 204 A Great Increase In Talent

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"Huh?" Darren suddenly sensed faint breathing from the badly injured Divine Bull King as his figure descended. 'He is indeed still alive, ' Darren realized.

He began to approach the demonic monster with utmost caution. For Darren, it would be the best result if he could kill the Divine Bull King via sneak attack with all his strength.

As the faint breathing came nearer, Darren transformed himself into his demon form with his blade and sword intent on standby.

From less than one hundred feet from this breathing, Darren's blade and sword intent surged simultaneously as his body shot at the bottom of the pit like an arrow.


"Oh no, I can't break open his defense!"

To Darren's surprise, the blow which he had delivered with all his might didn't even break the Divine Bull King's hard skin. Even though all its bones had been shattered, a dull numbness ran along Darren's arm.

All of a sudden, the Divine Bull King opened his huge eyes. Red light flashed from his angry pupils.

Collapsed on the ground, the demonic monster made no movement, but his breath shot into the air and came at Darren extremely quickly.


In the next second, Darren was hit by the jet of the steam and thrown into the cavern wall; a deep hole was formed on the cavern wall with a depth of hundreds of feet.

"Such a powerful force that the breath was enough to strike me back," Darren thought, startled. Suffering great pain, he felt as if all his bones had fallen apart due to the violent impact. He was dismayed that even if his body's hardiness was unable to withstand it.

No strong cultivator at the primary stage of the Wonder Realm could survive the blow of the breath from the Divine Bull King!

After a brief adjustment of his breath, Darren made a move towards the Divine Bull King again. 'Nevertheless, it's impossible for the Divine Bull King to escape because of all his broken bones, ' Darren thought.

But as Darren got closer to the Divine Bull King, he found out he was mistaken. The king's physical body was unexpectedly climbing up along the wall of the pit, slowly but surely.

Moreover, Darren could tell that he was wasting no time in recovering his strength, albeit with a very slow speed.

'He's recovering from his injuries. I will be killed by a palm attack from the demonic monster if I try to come to his side after an hour!' Darren mulled in his mind.

Hastiness stirred in his heart. A demonic monster king was a great treasure for Darren without any doubt. The assimilation of the Divine Bull King's talent would be a huge leap for Darren's own talent, and its blood would be the best material needed for the Demonic Blood Refining Skill.


In the face of this great temptation, Darren dispatched demonic internal force, simultaneously channeling his blade and sword intent towards at the Divine Bull King, hoping with all his heart to kill him.


The Divine Bull King stared at Darren intently, his eyes wide open, only a faint, guttural howl escaping from his throat. Right when Darren had released his strike, the metal pillar in his chest suddenly flew out and shot at Darren.

"Blood Dragon Phantom!"

Darren directly used the inheritance skill of the dragons and produced eight avatars in a split sec

f another demonic monster king. I will do it later.' Darren put aside these concerns for now. There would be many more opportunities waiting for him.

After composing himself, he flew to Elder Star. 'Bruce should be able to move around now, ' Darren thought.

The moment he flew over he found Scott.

"Scott, have you killed the North Monster King?" Darren asked immediately.

Scott shook his head bitterly. "I got very close to killing him when some strange power blocked me. I think there are some stronger creatures lurking in this demonic monster domain, we'd better leave as soon as possible," Scott explained.

Then, Scott awakened the strong human cultivators and prepared to teleport them out of here.

"Scott, I need to collect some materials required for body refining. I need to stay here for another few days," Darren reminded him.

Scott gave a nod. "Then take care, I will be here any time you are in danger," Scott said.

"Don't worry. I will be cautious," Darren reassured him with a smile.

Scott was now ready to teleport the rest of them out of the demonic monster domain. Under Darren's persuasion, Bruce also had to agree to leave the domain.

Before they left, Darren gave his token of a supreme disciple to Bruce so he could stroll around in the Lotus Holy Land at his will and live in the place Darren had occupied previously. Aside from this, Darren needed Bruce to inform Elsa that he was safe and sound for fear of her concern.

"Darren, please come see me the instant you have gathered enough materials. I need to cultivate in seclusion for several months or even a few years. My success or failure of entering the Grand Realm will be wholly dependent on it."

"I see. I promise I will come to see you as soon as possible."

Darren knew Scott was going to try to enter the Grand Realm with the help of the Dragon Saliva Fruit. And so he made up his mind to spend a few days' time to improve his strength first and collect the blood of the diabolic beasts immediately.

After these agreements were made and goodbyes were said, Scott gave Darren a teleportation jade card before transporting the others out of the demonic monster domain.

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