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   Chapter 203 Scott VS The Demonic Monster Kings (Part Four)

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North Monster King was smart enough to figure out this weakness and target one of the avatars. In his opinion, defeating all five together was impossible, but maybe defeating one at a time was more plausible. By doing that, he would not only hinder the growth of the avatar, but also suppress Scott's power.

Now that the plan had been laid out, they felt they had a better chance of taking out those avatars. With his last effort, Divine Bull King took out one avatar together with North Monster King.

Their attacks fell hard on the avatar with a resounding thud.

Scott sensed the danger, but it was too late to order his avatar to dodge. The avatar went flying backwards from the lethal blow, the sound of its bones cracking clear in the silent sky. As if a sack of sand fell down and bore a big hole into his chest, blood began splattering out and flecking the ground below. The avatar then fell to the ground, exploding into flames and disappeared.

Noting his temporary setback, Scott snorted in anger. He regarded his opponents with cold eyes.

He was not discouraged, though. He could clearly see that he only needed one big blow to end Divine Bull King's life as he had almost run out of energy and his devastating injury had already buried one of his feet in the ground. Scott decided to finish him so he could eliminate one of his threats, enabling him to get the upper hand.

In order to completely obliterate Divine Bull King's existence, he decided to play a trick and strike him when he was defenseless. Using his spiritual sense, Scott instructed his remaining three avatars to generate the most powerful dragon shadows they could manage and charge hard towards North Monster King instead of towards Divine Bull King. He himself also engaged in the fight to ensure Divine Bull King would die from his blow.

The coming of the direct and power-packed blow terrified North Monster King beyond words. Hurriedly, he summoned a thicker purple mist and attempted to block those dragon shadows from hurting him.

He had no idea that he had fallen right into Scott's trick. Before his purple mist could even make contact upon Scott's dragon sh

that they were protected by Scott's defensive skill. No demonic monster under the sixth level would be able to break through his spellbound area. There were originally two other mighty demonic monsters that could have broken through it in the beginning. They had been peering at the battle from a safe distance all this time, but seeing Divine Bull King had been defeated, they ran away with their tails between their legs.

Utilizing his vital energy, Darren left Elder Star and flew straight towards where Divine Bull King was lying. It was not difficult for him to locate Divine Bull King because the massive crater on the ground gave his location away.

Darren did not do it without reason. He actually had a plan for the whole combat from the very beginning.

He had always wondered how much talent he would assimilate from killing a demonic monster king ever since he discovered his ability. Having a motionless monster king in front of him was a rare opportunity and he wouldn't let his chance slip away.

Since Divine Bull King was already on the verge of death, he didn't need to use too much energy in killing him. Darren still felt he should be very cautious, though, because Divine Bull King was still powerful enough to slap him to death.

So, as gingerly as he could, Darren crept towards the depths of the crater, excitement filling him as he thought about the power he was going to assimilate from Divine Bull King.

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