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   Chapter 202 Scott VS The Demonic Monster Kings (Part Three)

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"So is this the Dragon Blood Clan's inheritance skill?" Elder Star asked, unable to stop himself from crying out in wonder. He had known from long ago that this skill was the strongest skill, and along with that knowledge was the understanding that the skill was superior to other skills in some respects.

Despite knowing such a thing for so long, seeing it now was still as astonishing and shocking as one would expect. He stared with wide eyes as his jaw dropped open. It was like a dream playing out in broad daylight because nobody had ever anticipated that an avatar one produced would have as much strength and power as its originator, and yet there it was. He thought about what would happen if Scott reached the Grand Realm and each avatar was as strong as his real body. He felt that Scott's strength would increase to such a great extent that even if all of the demonic monster kings engaged in the combat, the whole situation would remain a challenge for them.

As he pondered over Scott's strength, an idea suddenly flashed in his mind. "Is it possible that his talent skill will grow stronger in the future?" he murmured to himself.

Darren, who had been standing next to him all this time, burst into laughter upon seeing the fascinated look on Elder Star's face. "Of course it will grow stronger. Scott hasn't even reached the Grand Realm yet. Imagine how many avatars he'll be able to produce once he climbs his way up to the Grand Realm? I'd say he'd manage at least eight avatars," he said. Before the fight began, Darren had given some of his Dragon Saliva Fruit to Scott, thinking that although the fruit could not help Scott reach the Grand Realm, it would still purify his blood and allow him to produce more avatars than usual.

He was aware that even though the Dragon Saliva Fruit had this prominent effect, it was still the cultivator's strength that mainly decided the quantity of the avatar. The higher the realm, the more avatars one could produce. In this case, if Scott reached the Grand Realm, producing up to ten avatars at the same time would not be out of the question given that he had already made numbers of big achievements in his cultivation.

Darren's words were convincing enough to make Elder Star

se, Scott decided to take it up a notch. While still channeling his dragon shadows to strike hard at the demonic monster kings, he put his supernatural martial skill into action. Instantly, the dragon shadows began to glow and grow large in size. Within seconds, they became immensely gigantic and threw their long and absolutely sharp claws towards the two demonic monster kings.

The two demonic monster kings clearly panicked and fumbled to block the attacks. Due to the severe injury he had gotten in the fight earlier, Divine Bull King started to show signs of weakness. All this time, it was his haunting vanity and fury that sustained him in the fight for so long. As the fight had come to its climax, Divine Bull King began breathing heavily and running out of energy while Scott remained unscathed. He didn't even seem fazed.

Noting that Divine Bull King could not hold on much longer, an ominous feeling struck North Monster King's heart. As if it wasn't already enough that they were in such a disadvantageous state, losing his teammate would force him to confront Scott and all his mighty avatars alone. He knew where it would end, and he didn't like the idea one bit.

"Let's strike the avatar on the left together," North Monster King advised. He let out a battle cry and began striking at the said avatar as his first target.

Although all of Scott's avatars were on par with him in strength, the fact that their physical resistance was a tad bit weaker could not be denied.

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