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   Chapter 201 Scott VS The Demonic Monster Kings (Part Two)

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Scott darted towards the Divine Bull King, flying like a green dragon in the air. As he approached his enemy's massive frame, a flash of green light burst out of him.


Traces of terrible palm shadows struck down from the sky and blotted out the sun with peerless power, as if it could tear the earth.


With a muffled roar from the Divine Bull King, a palm shadow was shattered by the metal pillar in midair. Then, the pillar continued to fly and hit the remaining powerful palm shadows with lightning fast speed.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Meanwhile, the Divine Bull King and Scott attacked each other with hundreds of punches in just a few seconds, every hit made the earth tremble.

"Genuine Dragon Attack!"

After numerous punches, Scott gave a low shout and performed his supernatural martial skill at the highest level with all his remaining strength.


The roar of the dragon echoed through the skies, and the shadows of the green dragon hurtled fiercely towards the Divine Bull King.


The Divine Bull King continued to bellow as he emitted a blood-red glow. He grew by hundreds of feet in an instant. Golden torrents were bursting out of his fists, colliding with the dragon shadow.

However, under the dragon shadow's bombardment, the Divine Bull King trembled violently, and his golden torrents seemed a little weaker than the dragon shadow.

Obviously, the Divine Bull King was at a disadvantage in this battle.

He had to pull back the metal pillar that was flying around the air. Once the metal pillar fell into his hand, it glowed with intense blood-red light and regained its momentum.


The Divine Bull King lifted the metal pillar and smashed Scott with it hundreds of times in an instant.

The clanging was so constant that Scott, who had a very tough body, couldn't withstand the impact. He was beaten and pushed backwards until he was thrown into the distance like a flash of light.

"Ha-ha, you are too weak to go against me!"

The Divine Bull King was able to turn the fight in an instant. He laughed wildly in midair and had smug written all over his face.

"Buddy, you have to be careful!"

In that moment, the North Monster King's urgent voice reached the Divine Bull King's ears.

The Divine Bull King suddenly realized that something was wrong and looked into the void as his eyes widened with fear.


Elder Star seemed lost in his thoughts as he stood on the ground while watching the battle.

Again, Scott exceeded his expectations. "Holy Lord Scott is no longer inferior to me," he muttered with surprise.

In the consistent cognition and comparison, only the Holy Lord Landon could be considered as the strongest cultivator of the Wonder Realm, the other Holy Lords wouldn't stand a chance against him. There were at least seven elders in the Heavenly Palace Sect, who could crash the seven other Holy Lords besides Landon. Without a doubt, the Elder Star was definitely one of those elders.

But after seeing Scott's real strength, Elder Star dismissed this idea. He thought that his chances of defeating Scott was grim just by knowing that the latter's physical strength and the p

rom the Divine Bull King's mouth, and the king's eyes were filled with intense horror and despair. He no longer had the strength to bring out his best power. Faced with his enemy's violent attacks, his only remaining option was death.


In that moment, a huge lion rushed towards Scott with incredible speed. The North Monster King had joined the fight.


The North Monster King's huge paw crushed the dragon's momentum and saved the Divine Bull King.

"Buddy, we should work together and bring out our best powers to kill this disgusting human bastard!" The North Monster King yelled in a muffled voice.

The Divine Bull King survived, his anger burning like fire. He lifted the metal pillar and stabbed it once more through his own heart. His blood essence regained its flame, and his belligerence force was even stronger than before. It was clear that he had no plans of admitting defeat as long as he was alive.

As the North Monster King saw this, the corner of his mouth picked up a sneer that could hardly be seen.

The Divine Bull King's blood essence would be burned out, and even if he eventually survived in the end, there was no way he could be king again. This meant that the North Monster King would be the head of the four demonic monster kings and this pleased him and caused him immense excitement.

Yet he was clear that to kill the human was the most important thing they had to take care of right then and there. 'The old bull is crazy and desperate, but he really did unleash his greatest power. With my skill, I surely have more than enough to kill this puny human!' thought the North Monster King. Then he opened his bloody mouth wide and a purple ball floated out of it.

Scott frowned. The pressure he was feeling from the two demonic monster kings was so intense that the bones in his body almost cracked.

"Let me show you my best skill!" Scott cried coldly while four avatars burst out of his body, each with amazing powers.

"What? Those five avatars all have the same powerful breath!" Elder Star, who was always composed, couldn't help but yell out of surprise.

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